Beautiful babies bedroom 2018

Date: 14.10.2018, 19:59 / Views: 34453
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I know. It sounds exaggerated and excessive but I could not think of another title to present this children’s bedroom, what the Anglo-Saxons call ” nursery ” and that goes beyond a newborn baby, as they are growing spaces designed also for older children. The authors are a couple of creativity and demonstrated good taste, Kelly and Jeff Mindell, authors of the Studio DIY blog, to whom I follow their adventures of newly released parents since for a while. He also signs the photographs of this article and the small model of the end is his son Arlos, the lucky owner of this space, so we can say that everything is at home. I suppose that this bookcase of colors will already be in its own right one of the most pine-colored photographs in the world, and it would have it well deserved. What I liked the most is the “artistic” wall on the right and the yellow door. Well, what nonsense, from this room I like absolutely everything, from the cushions to the puff, from the carpet to the dresser painted white. What crafty people are out there, right? At the end you have a link to your blog with all the details. Do not miss it!

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