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Tiny YokumFlat-Top Crewcuts

Welcome to the internet's oldest flattop haircut site. Over the years, many people have shared flattop photos and links with me.

All cultures have hairstyles. An adult's hairstyle is black men haircut fade styles photo a personal statement about who he or she has chosen to become. For many men of my generation, the decision to wear long hair meant a break with the 1950's culture of conformity, repression, and intolerance.

Growing up, I faced unusual challenges. I was physically handicapped, geographically isolated, disfigured, and friendless. I survived because of a work ethic and the kindness of a few good people whose paths crossed mine. My struggle as a young adult was to redefine myself completely. And something as simple as the choice of a haircut proved a defining moment.

Life's better now. Literally every day, I'm given the opportunity to be of real help to somebody new. I am richly blessed.

As for other flattop men, the haircut seens to say, "I work hard and play hard. I'm a survivor. I am self-sufficient. I live intensely."

Both my hairstyle and my attitude are farther from today's "mainstream" than wearing a nose ring, using illegal drugs, being a "swinger", or pretending you hate people you don't even know. You'll need to decide for yourself whether I've made the right choices.

Enjoy the page, and feel free to explore the rest of my large.

In the mid-1950's, the flattop was the most popular men's hairstyle in the United States. Even, newly-introduced as Li'l Abner's brother, wore a flattop.

Gus Grissom

Many of the US astronauts, past and present, have worn flattops. was a classic.

In "Come Together", the Beatles mentioned the hairstyle and its link to social conservatism.

I always liked the style. Several classmates and a few favorite teachers were flattop men during the 1960's. Again, it was a mark for conservatism and a work ethic.

During the Watergate affair, I thought haircut, though not his obvious corruption, was the greatest. His nickname in the White House was "the brush".

H.R. Haldeman

When I was 32, something clicked. I realized I could get a flat-top buzz-cut of my own, just by asking my barber. Whenever I am tempted to call anyone else stupid, I put it in perspective by remembering all those years when I could have had my flat-top crewcut.

In the US, the flattop is usually a man's hairstyle. With its harsh lines and angles, a flattop suggests a work ethic, physical fitness, and an intense, serious approach to life.

Flattops were especially popular in the conservative 1950's, and remain very popular in the military and among policemen. You'll see flattops worn by high-up professionals and working men, and by guys of all orientations and ethnic backgrounds.

I have noticed that flattops are especially popular with computer geeks, weight lifters, police officers, and professional military men. All are non-nonsense, self-sufficient, hard-working types.

When I pass a stranger with a flattop, I usually say, "Sir, that's a great haircut!" Almost always, I'll get a smile, and some reply that confirms the common bond among flattop men.

Regrettably (I think), flattops are still almost exclusively a man's hairstyle. The most notable exception is beautiful, whose portrayed a woman of great discipline and moral courage. Also here,,,,,,, and. As you can see, her flattop seems to have become an icon for artists.

Thanks once again to the many people over the years who have sent me most of these flattop photos.

Free Speech, a left-wing satirical site, actually honored this page as their "awful" site of the day. I enjoyed the joke more than anybody else, and only wish I were as good-looking, romantic, or versatile they'd have you believe! Thanks for the traffic!

-- For those men outside of the military who would like a military style haircut without having to nearly shave their head, the flat-top is the way to go.

Dan Martinelli died in 2003. He was credited with introducing the flattop as an alteriative to the military buzz. It was popularized by professional athletes, especially the Cincinnati Reds, who wanted to stay cool in summer. "At one point, the flat top represented the American male." The link to his memorial article is now down. I would appreciate hearing of other memorial sites.

on flattops

Chris Parker and me, with our flat-tops; Christmas 1991.

Chris is a onetime steroid-free national high-school powerlifting champion and top medical school student, and now an Army internist at Walter Reed. We are sworn brothers. now lives and practices in Texas with his wife Rozina. I wish every man could have a few friends As Good As Chris.

[Ed & Chris][Ed & Travis]Student Doctor and me, with our

Travis is yet another physician who I helped train. He also has a background as a competitive power-lifter.

Baseball great Roger Maris wore a flattop.

Also (on the left with Mantle and Boyer),, and (with the fan who caught his 61st home run).

Russ D'Antonio, of Sugar Creek MO, has an identical twin Paul who also sports a flattop and who has skydived with me. Steve Tabor, one of the members of the class of '05 with his new. Whitey Herzog, St. Louis Cardinals Whitey Herzog

got his flattop in the marines. He is a physician who I helped train.

, president of Kiribati. Also,,,,, and.

Flattop February -- video describes a tradition among Korean airmen dating back to the Korean war. Click. Also.

Pierre Curie, co-discoverer with his wife of radioactivity, wore a flattop.

You must begin life with a dream, and then make that dream a reality.

-- Pierre Curie

Thanks to flattop man David Carlson for pointing out the antiquity of Professor Curie's haircut.

Damian Arlyn as Hamlet at the Albany Civic Theater.

is an actor and director of Shakespeare, and my good cyberfriend. He operates the website for the drama program at a Christian school.

Thomas Jenuwein, geneticist at the Max Planck institute.

Also, and.

Thank you to Heather Cutler for bringing introducing me to Professor Jenuwein.

Greg Dixon , KAAL-TV weatherman whose familiar military flattop mirrors the rigors of his difficult science.
black Dan McWilliams, one of the three firemen in the World Trade Center photo. In both photos, the men are George Johnson on the left, Dan McWilliams in the middle, and BIll Eisengrein on the right. Astronaut Walter Cunningham (Apollo 7 crew, right). Also,,, and.

, astronaut

, teacher at Righetti High School, Santa Maria, CA.
, artist.
Link is now down: "The 12 most badass flattops in all sports." "Being a great athlete isn't just about performance. It's about attitude. And nothing tells the world just how badass you are than a perfectly sculpted flattop." Johnny Unitas, Kurt & Brenda Warner, Lawrence Taylor, Ken Griffey, Grant Hill, Howie Long, Jack Kemp, Earl Morrall, Detlef Schremph, Svetlana Khorkina, Patrick Ewing, and Brian Bosworth.

-- Chinese bodybuilder
power-lifter, with a sort-of flattop
-- from "Gym Idiot"; will be understood by anyone who has ever had a malignant gym teacher or a father whose self-esteem depends on your athletic performance

-- great-looking lady with a flattop
-- strong man with flattop, also and.

in "White House Down", begins with a flattop, which gets more and more rumpled as the show goes on, until it is drenched. Nice touch.

, operations manager of the Cobb County medical examiner's office.

, founder of Green Berets

, also,, and

, reportedly, author.

teaching Honduran orphan to swim. Joint Task Force Bravo.
-- from Rasch & Burke, "Kinesiology", 1959. Professor Rasch worked at Camp Lejeune, and perhaps the model is a marine

-- petition

Niall McGuinness, a cyberbuddy, sports a flattop. Also,, and.

is an fantasy-art character with a flattop haircut.
-- Bettmann archive
, Coast Guard hero. Link is now down.
Buzztown Barber Shop -- Nomenclature. Hope the site will be back online soon.
, also.

-- lego piece
-- videos
, Laurel, MD. "Meet Chris, one of our many flattop customers."
-- mentions that they are popular with military and law enforcement in the US.

Robert DeNiro and Leonardo DiCaprio. In "This Boy's Life", domineering DeNiro forces Leonardo to get a flattop.

in "This Boy's Life

My cyberfriend "Mr. Flattop", a military master barber, operates "The Barber's Nook" in Thompson, CT.

His second shop is The Barber's Nook II at 79 North Main in Webster, Mass 01570. Tel. 508-943-6200.

Sketch by John Carroll of Connecticut.


, Texas geologist and one of my cyberfriends.

-- flattop.

, Milwauke Bucks basketball, also,,,, and.

, basketball player

, basketball player, also,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Eric Montross, basketball player, and.
-- new anti-terrorist technology, Scientific American Nov. 06

, basketball
, gymnast
, Aggies coach
, NY Yankees, also and.

-- swimming pool in Iraq
, Notre Dame coach. Also..
-- YMCA swim coach, from former site
Mark Verstegen, athletic coach and author, sports a flattop. See him,,,,,,, and. Also,,,,
, North Carolina State football coach, formerly wore a flattop.

-- 1950s
, Texas Tech football

Doug Hurley, astronaut on the last space shuttle.

More photos and stories,,,,,,,,,,,, and.

, Green Bay packers
-- manufactures of silicone gasket material in squeeze tubes

, economist. Director of the International Monetary Fund's Asia and Pacific Department through the 1990's.

, Indonesian comedian
-- worn by "Jordan"
-- reflection on 1950's haircutsK

-- We are proud to specialize in military regulation haircuts.
-- '50's memories
-- Senator Tester

-- American Idol. "A great way to tame thick unruly straight hair is to cut it into a flat top, as Simon has done here. This hairstyle needs to be maintained with regular trims to keep the neat and clean finish looking perfect."
-- YouTube video
-- YouTube video
-- YouTube video
-- YouTube video
-- YouTube video
-- YouTube video
-- YouTube video
-- YouTube video
-- YouTube video
-- "The flat-top is the ultimate demonstration of tool control"
-- before and after, YouTube video
-- skin-fade, YouTube video
-- video; she's beautiful, highly recommended
-- definitions
, comedian. Also, and.
, comedian, also,, and.

"I love going to get my hair cut. Why? Maybe because I am in complete control, and this is something in my life all about me."
-- definitions

Mort Walker's, a minor character in the "Beetle Bailey" comic strip, has had a flattop for most of his comic career.

Flattops are easy for cartoonists. Flattop haircuts appear in The Far Side (most boys),,,,
(indicates "then" vs "now"), and Sometimes Mort Walker draws with a flattop, though usually he wears headgear.

Joe Allbaugh is director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

sported a flattop in 1992.
with a flat-top. Well, sort-of.
with a flattop, sort of, on the set of Titan AE.
caricatured from Spartacus, with a better flattop than in the.

"Steve Roper", one of the last surviving popular adventure comic strips, featured Mike Nomad, a tough, resourceful guy whose prematurely-white hair accentuated his flattop. Also,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and. The was 12/26/04. It was by far my favorite for the past three decades. In the world of adventure comics, right and wrong have always been clearly demarcated. I hope this is not an anachronism. Mike's rough talk and wisecracking hid a heart of gold. His adventures featured interesting, highly-capable women and customized, ultra-modern vehicles. Mike never got to keep either, but he remained philosophical and cheerful.

with a flat-top as a modern-dress Benvolio.

as Claudius in Branaugh's Hamlet.

with almost-a-flattop
with a flattop in "Apollo 13". He played, who in real life had an even better flattop.
-- Dutch strong man

has three different lengths of flattop in "The Astronaut's Wife".

, shuttle pilot, also,,,,, and.

Tapestry Drive rock group member Jamie has a flattop. Click or.

-- flattop as youngster

, a friend who lives in Detroit. Also and.

site for bi-gay men. PG-13. Logo features a man with a flattop. Learning about flattops helped me understand that this community is far more diverse and less stereotypical than I'd imagined.

with a flat-top, from "Mr. Holland's Opus
with a flat-top as "Shoveler".

Howie Long, football great, gets a haircut on board the USS Truman (left).

from the 1996 movie Broken Arrow. Cast as the strong, silent type, Mr. Long surprised the director by actually being able to act, and

Johnny Unitas, football great, wore a flattop.

Brendan Fraser wore flattops in "Gods and Monsters" and "Blast from the Past".

, multiple cancer survivor and advocate. Click for more on the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults.
-- classic photo
-- vintage photo
-- co-discoverer of Chacot-Marie-Tooth disease

with a flat-top -- as Ace Levy in "Starship Troopers. Also and and.

Kurt Russell with a flattop.

Stargate. Also.

Soldier. I related to Sgt. Todd sitting just outside, brooding and puzzled, while the ordinary people partied.

-- Beavis & Butt Head's teacher. Also.
-- Maryland Informational Poster
. Also.
-- FlatAndre
Also,,, ("this style is appropriate for most ages and professions").
, actress with a flattop in "A View to a Kill", 007.
, the world's strongest clown
-- wrestler, also.
-- 5'3" boxer, also.
-- German Boxer.
with a flattop, in "Falling Down". Well, sort of.
-- 1950's
-- 1950's

, with band members Lou and Pete Koller showing their flattops. Also.
, also.
, 2009
, quarterback. Also.
-- cop with flattop

. Computer game. "Tex even sports a flattop crew cut, as a constant reminder to the player that, yes, this is the guy who's more brawn than brains." [Actual page is nown down.]

-- adventure game evidently with a flattopped cyborg hero named Visor...
. They get the coolest low-maintenance haircuts known to man. Scout out the right barber shop and you can score a flat top for just.
-- yet another game with a flattopped hero
-- fantasy art
-- webshots

Denzel Washington wore a flattop in "Courage Under Fire".

-- link

-- beautiful young woman whose turns-ons include flattop haircuts

from a.
--Brisbane specialty barbers
In the stop-motion feature "ParaNorman", both the hero's and the football player have flattop haircuts.
, murder victim

as a kid with a flattop, sort-of.
-- crew cut model
, baseball player

-- wrestler

-- wrestler
-- tire inflation superhero

, late wrestler.
Also and,.
Thriller author Vince Flynn often sports a flattop. Click or.

-- weight lifter
, bodybuilder. Also,,,,,.
-- weight lifter; also and.
Jeremy Markum, bodybuilder and entrepreneur, formerly had his own site. He's now, and.
John Cutri, bodybuilder. Also.
, shotput athlete
-- Flickr photos
. Also

-- Vreature from the Black Lagoon
-- cartoon hero

SPC Andy Thornberry, US Army Airborne Infantry.

I work hard and play hard. I'm a survivor. I am self-sufficient. I live intensely and I will not slow down, lighten up or alter my convictions for anyone." I think that is the appropriate statement. I went by the nickname "Guile" during the Iraq war. I have had one ever since. PS: Women dig the flattop. It stands for structure, order and reliability.

Thanks for your service and the photos, Andy!

, cyberfriend.
-- illustrator for children. You can get a showing his image of a marine's flattop.
-- unknown bodybuilders
-- unknown bodybuilders
-- a man remembers the 1950's
-- unknown bodybuilders

Cyberfriend Tony Palm, Jr., preparing for Navy Dive school, with his son

of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Also, and. Thanks to visitor Donald Books.

-- cover art evokes the 1950's
-- announcer

-- male models
-- "king of softball"
-- unknown duathlete
, classic bodybuilder.
, coach at David Barton gym
, bodybuilder.
, bodybuilder.
, bodybuilder.
operates an ambulance for animals. From "Good Housekeeping", Feb. 2005.
-- pole vaulter
-- Costa Rica

-- gospel singer
-- supplement ad.
-- classic photo
-- barber's blog is now down
-- site for barbers
-- Alaskan bodybuilder
, bodybuilder. Also.
, wrestler. Also,,,,,,,, and.
, bodybuilder.
-- "True Romance"
-- "Battleship"

Sigourney Weaver with a buzz. Not quite a flattop. Still looks great.

has worn a flattop, especially in his movie "Commando."

. Graphic novel series scripted by Mark Verheiden and based on the popular movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the first three stories, the brother of Arnold's "Dutch Schaeffer" character fights aliens. The protagonist is a cynical, wisecracking policeman who has no relationships apart from his bond with his partner, does not know what has become of Dutch, and wonders whether there is anything more to life than meaningless struggle. The majority of the humans are vile, and a sub-theme is whether the monsters are any worse. There is extreme, almost continuous violence but no bad language.

There is good attention to detail, and Schaeffer's flattop becomes rumpled during combat. In several panels, the shadowing makes the flat top unequivocal, flatter than Arnold's in the movie. Here is how "Schaeffer" looks in work by different teams.

"Cement Jungle": Pencils by Chris Warner and Ron Randall. Inks by Sam de la Rose, Chris Warner, and Randy Emberin. Click or.

"Cold War": Pencils by Ron Randall, inks by Steve Mitchell. Click or.

"Dark River": Pencils by Ron Randall, inks by Rick Magyar. Click or.

Highly recommended.

, also.

shown with Jay Cutler. Kurtwood Kuta identified these men for me.
in "When Eagles Strike"
Christian Boeving sported a flattop in "When Eagles Strike". His site is under revision, but you can see his flattop,,,,,,,,, and.
-- Kansas City
Noted actor Stephen Lang, born 1952, has worn a flattop in the play "Beyond Glory" and the movie "Avatar." See Mr. Lang,,,, and.
who survived a horrorific accident as a teen, defeated Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1966 Mr. Universe competition. Also.
, curator of modern military aircraft at the Smithsonian
-- Kansas City
-- adventure game
, senior bodybuilder
, bodybuilder
, bodybuilder, also,,, and.
, bodybuilder
-- supplement ad

-- African-American bodybuilder who sometimes sports a flattop. Also,, and. His personal site is.

-- comic giant
, pathologist and euthanasia advocate, with a flattop. Also.
, wrestler

Brock Lesnar, wrestler. Also,,,,,,,,,,,\,, and.. with his new tattoo. Also.

-- mixed martial arts fighter with tattoo

, mechanic, according to one source "always identifiable by his slim build and flattop haircut even into his 70s". Also,,,,,,,, and. Also,, and.

Spin & Marty
Tim Considine wore a flattop haircut which helped popularize the style in the 1950's. Also.

, showing Tim Considine, David Stollery, Rudy Lee, and Steve Stevens. Also.

Ricky Nelson sometimes wore a flattop in "Ozzy and Harriet." Click,, and.

Steve Timmons winner of three Olympic volleyball medals, and owner of Redsand Inc, a gym clothing company, took a competing clothing manufacturer to court for its cartoon of a volleyball player with a red flattop. Case M'Otto Enterprises, Inv. v. Redsand, Inc.

Steve Timmons "has achieved substantial notoriety for his distinctive red, flattop hair." Tradmark litigation. Link for lawyers is now down.

Steve Timmons with a flattop in "The Jackal". Also.

photo of technology genius James Meindl.
as "Duke" in "GI Joe". Also. Better picture. Click for the real Duke. Both the toy and the movie have an almost flat-top haircut.
, researcher
as Sgt. Carter from "Gomer Pyle"
Gary LeVox sports a flattop of varying length
. He is a hirsute, older man and perhaps this is a flattop-hairpiece. Looks great in any case. Also,,, and.
as "Goat", the good-hearted soldier in "Doom". Also.

with a military flattop
-- several barber shops
-- photos of various styles, nothing "adult"

-- geneology archive
-- mature content
Dave Brousseau's characters,, and both sport flattops. Mature content.
-- teaches good living. The Scary Guy recently visited my barber in Kansas for a flattop.
, physicist from MIT, playes the Duke in "As You Like It"
and after (. and ).

-- one of the original Mercury 7. From a tribute page which is now down. Also and,.

Click for a photo of the Mercury astronauts (Carpenter, Cooper, Glenn, Grissom, Schirra, Shepard, Slayton).

, the U. of Texas sniper, suffered from a brain tumor.
as in "Sin City". Also,,,,, and..

-- Men's Health

(right), as the bad guy in "Stealth". Also.
The late, college professor. At his the speaker stated, "He charmed us with his own personal fashion movement -- his trade-mark flat-top hair-cut".
[Link is now down] Lisabeth's Travels -- [I] was totally amazed to see at least 10 people in long white coats standing in the room. It was the entire Orthopedic department come to say HI to Lisa and catch a glimpse of Hague. Nearly every one of these guys had a flat top hair cut, the style with the macho "Ortho" docs.
The young George Jones, country singer, wore a flattop. Does anyone have a photo?

J.K. Simmons in "Spider Man", sports a flattop with long sides. Asked who he trusts, he says, "I trust my barber." with a flattop in "Me, Myself, and Irene"

Mohammed Ali / Cassius Clay wore a flattop in the early days. from the DarkHorse comic prequel to Titan AE. Like other fictional warriors with flattops, Korso is distinguished as the most aggressive and the crudest-talking.

, Air Force Captain.
, comedian. Also,,, and.
-- "Urban Redneck" humor and comment
-- a tribute from his son
, football player
-- Shawnee
, astronaut
, astronaut, also.

Greg Ostertag, basketball player. See him,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and.

, classic bluegrass. Also.

Jon Tester, a progressive Democrat in Montana's state senate, the US Senator. Also, and.


link is now down, "Australian football" star. Also. More often, Buckley sports his trademark "pineapple head" style.

, Montgomery County, TX.
, radio personality.
of Saturday Night Life.
, also. Jermaine Jackson, brother to Janet and Michael, seen.

. Also.

and two other Apollo 1 astronauts at prayer

also had a flattop

clip art by Johnny Automatic
, also.
-- flattop sequence

-- in French, it seems to be called "des cheveux in brosse"
-- retro comic art

. Also.
-- screen shot, also.

-- the local flag depicts a person with a flattop

Nick Offerman had a flattop in and an even better one (with a beard) as an officer in "Cursed" (no picture yet).
-- high school athlete, Oklahoma

Dan McCleary as Coriolanus with a flattop playing Shakespeare's war-hero Coriolanus,

-- iconic figure from the D&D 3.5 Player's Handbook
, the ceramic statue of Michigan State's mascot, has a flattop.

-- collection of photos tagged "flattop". Quality varies.

Stuart Campbell, a journalist who covers video games, has a very tall flattop. Click and.
, pitcher for the Senators.
, baseball pitcher. Also.

Dr. Fredrick Guzasky, Boston U.

Professional musician with a flattop.

He also has his own.

-- one with a flattop
-- from "Heroes of Horror"
from "Magic of Incarnum"
from "Magic of Incarnum"
from "Magic of Incarnum". According to the authors, the Skarn, who seem to favor flattop haircuts, are noted for lawful alignment.

, bodybuilder. Also,, and., Memphis football strength coach
had a flattop in and GI Jane.
shows a senator around the Afghanistan prison base in Cuba

-- high and tight military haircuts
, early worker on criminal identificaiton.
, race car driver
with a great flattop
once wore a flattop
Colossus, the X-man, sometimes has a flattop. Look,, or. He was played by.

-- bodybuilder

Russ McCubbin -- old-time actor Russ McCubbin, 1963

, football player
, football player
, football player
, football player
, football player
, football player
, wrestler. Also.

First-grade teacher Mr. Doyle, in, has a flattop. See him,,,,,, and.

-- computer game
, book by Alex Carroll on winning traffic ticket disputes.
, show-fighter.

, USMC gunnery sargeant, has a flattop. Or. Photos sent me by a friend, scanned from Muscle Media fitness magazine.

, who survived the July 2002 mine disaster, has a great flattop. with his companions.

, of "Survivor". Navy SEAL veteran.

-- true story

from "Extreme Angling".
-- several action figures have flat tops
-- GI Joe cartoon character

-- classic re-issue with flattop

, also.

-- poisoned with ethylene glycol
-- Jimmy Jones

Chip Hazard, in "Small Soldiers", was voiced by Tommy Lee Jones.

, wrestler-bodybuilder from 1890's era, had a flattop. This even pre-dates Pierre Curie's.
, racer.
with a flattop, sort-of.
Physicist with a flattop, sort-of.

Students of quantum physics understand that before Professor Heisenberg was observed and his photo taken, he both did and did not have a better flattop. Although Heisenberg was forced to serve Germany during WWII, he was tremendously relieved when he learned from a spy that America would build the atomic bomb before the Nazis did. In fact, he may have saved the world by not telling his bosses what they needed to know.

from "Beetle Bailey", new character
in "Chuck and Larry." His fireman gets called "pine head."
, physician

-- blood recipient

Body Alive -- defunct line of sports clothing

Bruce Holmberg, a West Point graduate, now doing philanthropic work. , popular Canadian wrestler

, high-altitude skydiver, lost his life in a jump.

, airplane racer
, best-known from Full Metal Jacket
-- from an adventure gaming ad.
-- amateur radio
starred in "Flash Gordon"
, in "Gold of the Samurai"

, the German politician, had a near-flattop

. Also and ("Pride and Glory").

, Russian-born boxing sensation, now an Australian citizen , a computer wizard who also plays for the Minneapolis Admirals hockey team, is the first friend I met on the internet. Also, and.

. March 1957. "Want a flat-top haircut? If you do, it is going to cost you more. The Fayette County Barber's Association has announced that the price of a flat-top haircut will increase from.50 to.75 next month. In making the announcement, Gregory Bokosh, association secretary, explained that it takes barbers twice as long to give flat-top haircuts as it does to give regular ones."
, investigator for the Greene County, Missouri, medical examiner's office
-- for some reason, at a pro-polygamy site.

... cartoon from "Wizards of the Coast".
-- "Stone Soup".
-- 12/11/06. New character introduced, named.
-- Antony Santos at Shea Stadium

-- St. Petersburg Times
, serviceman in Iraq and writer.

, basketball player. Also,,,,,,,,,, and.
, basketball player.

autoshave -- caricature made during a brainstorming session predicting what the world will be like in the year 2016 My cyberfriend Rob, barber.

-- German
-- former secret service agent
-- cartoon of an American health-care system victim, with flattop, January 12, 2008.

Bill Gardner. Operates "Flat Top Productions." Link is now down. Charles Pavek of Reston, Virginia, another of my cyberfriends. Devin Ratray as Buzz McCallister in "Home Alone".

Thanks to cyberfriend Joshua Horne for bringing this to my attention.

The late, champion boxer turned actor, as "Kano". Also in.

Steve Zahn in "National Security". Also,,,, and. Internet friend and new flat-top wearer Greg Rourke took this of a classic Schlitz sign in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, in 2006. Richard Coles of the band "Communards." He became an Anglican priest.

I get my flattop trimmed at Joe Vento's, 5106 Independence Avenue, KCMO 64124.

My cyberfriend Lewis McDowell highly recommends Ray's Barber Shop, 1565 W. Main #215, Lewisville TX 75067 (ask for Lorelie).

My cyberfriend is a sometime hairstylist with a perspective to share. "The fans of hardcore (and 'Oi' style, or 'streetpunk') music... particularly Sick of it All, who write songs about social and political ills and the desire for positive change... tend to separate themselves from the similar heavy-metal crowd not only by clothing style but by hairstyles. Flat-tops, bald, mohawks, buzzcuts or just plain short are far more prevalent in hardcore than long-hair metal styles. I attribute that to hardcore's (at least the old-school kind) overall positive 'You can make the difference' message. Most people who listen to Sick of it All, Agnostic Front, Dropkick Murphys and the like generally go for a cleaner-cut, tough-guy blue-collar urban look... a street-kid-outsider-on-the-fringe-all-grown-up-now and who has overcome his troubles, loves his friends and family, is highly critical or organized religions, politics, and generally looking to create or keep whatever sanity there is to be had in a bleak and desperate world. Long hair is for hippies and cop-outs. However, they are still "anti-establishment" types, so to separate themselves from the red state types, lots have tons of tattoos, weird facial hair, or some kind of article of clothing to keep from being confused with cops, jocks or jarheads."

If you continue looking for flattop haircuts on the web, you'll eventually find a particular "Bible Ministries" site (of the rules-and-prooftexting type) which explains at some length why flat top haircuts are sinful. They also claim that all the dinosaurs lived within the past 6000 years and that some of them could breathe fire. They forbid organ donation to strangers because the organs would probably get used for sinful purposes, and most people are wicked and don't deserve to have their lives saved. And they disapprove of interracial marriages because God intends that the races hate one another; otherwise, human beings would unite against Him. Of course, this is directly contrary to the mainstream Christian faith as you can see it practiced every day in the service of others. If you want to believe this stuff, or consider these people to be "Christians", that is your business.

-- gym buddy, skydiver, long-term friend -- has a new site to help ordinary folks catch computer misbehavior.

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