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When it comes to color, there may be options in your closet that shouldn’t have made the qualifying race. Wearing the wrong color can make you ill. Sallow, ashen, and muddy complexions are all signs of color contamination. And the only protection against chromatic brown hair with blue highlights underneath photo allergies is color composition cognizance, specifically, knowing your color category.

And you can start here:


If you find yourself stuck betwixt boxes, fear not, you may belong between. 

The illustrated color wheel dynamically directs as we dye hair, tan skins, contact color eyes, or age.  But to begin, it’s best to analyze our natural roots.

Skin Tone

  • Porcelain – Clear,, Light Summer
  • Ivory –,, Soft
  • Pink beige – Light, Cool, Light
  • Neutral beige/Asian – Soft, Deep, Cool, Deep
  • Warm beige/Asian –
  • Golden brown/Asian/Latin/African – or Deep
  • Cool brown/Asian/Latin/African – Deep, Cool
  • Olive/Asian/Latin/African – Cool, Deep, Soft, Deep


  • Clear blue green, turquoise or bright hazel – Clear, Light, Clear
  • Grey or soft blue –
  • Hazel, topaz, golden brown or warm turquoise – Warm, Warm
  • Soft hazel or turquoise – Soft, Soft
  • Dark brown or rich hazel – Deep, Deep

Natural Hair Color

  • Ash blonde – Light, Light
  • Golden blonde, strawberry blonde or red – Warm, Warm
  • Light to medium brown – Light, Light
  • Mousy brown -Soft, Soft
  • Medium brown – Clear, Deep
  • Medium to deep auburn – Deep, Deep
  • Chestnut to dark brown – Clear, Deep, Deep, Clear
  • Dark black – Clear, Deep, Deep
  • Warm grey – Light, Warm, Soft, Warm
  • Soft or ash grey – Light, Light, Cool
  • Salt & pepper or silver – Clear Spring,, Cool

Review the 12 options diagrammed below, and comment on your color category?  Does it match up with your personal experience?

Discover which colors flatter you most and which you might want to avoid.  Completely virtual based on pictures and digital survey.


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