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cute Tis the season for socks!

In, we talked about three different pairs of ankle booties — short, medium, and tall. Today we’re talking about how to style them with warm, wooly SOCKS! For each pair of booties, we’ll look at four elements — the booties, the jeans, the socks, and why it works. We’ll even get into my favorite no-show socks. Sound good?

In Texas, it’s usually warm enough that I can wear my booties sans socks all the way through the fall. But, once the temperature dips to 50 degrees, this girl wants her socks. Because warm ankles are where it’s at.

No more cold ankles for the sake of style. We can have the best of both worlds.

Before we jump in, I want to let you know that you’re going to see the same socks over and over again. When creating the looks for this post, I felt like I should branch out or present more options. So I tried several other types of socks  — patterned socks, thinner socks, colorful socks — but to me, nothing could beat the look of a thick camp sock.

So I decided to stick with what I love, and focus on showing you what I’m actually wearing, day in and day out — even though it’s all got a similar vibe. Sometimes, it’s nice to just stick with what works.



The booties: Minimalist  (). Three and a half inch shaft height. Three inch heel.

The jeans: Flares by Paige Denim (old — similar and )

The socks: J.Crew camp socks ()

Why it works:

I played around with different socks and different jeans, but to be honest, I just couldn’t find a combination that I loved.

Like I mentioned yesterday, when it comes to booties with the front dip, I prefer a good bit of ankle showing. That bit of skin really highlights that dip and flatters the ankle. To me, the socks throw off the look.

So, instead, I shook things up a bit and went with flares instead of skinnies. I can hide the socks underneath, giving me a look I love without sacrificing warmth. Perfect.

If I did want to wear these booties with socks and skinnies, I’d probably opt for my full length black skinnies, a deep cuff that leaves just the tiniest bit of ankle exposed, and a warm no-show sock.

On that note, I have two favorite no-show socks:

. They are pricey, but worth it. First, I have a black pair that I wear with these black booties, and they are totally no-show. Second, they have a bit more coverage and they don’t slip off my heel. YAY.

. They have a band around the arch that keeps them in place — no slipping. They would show with a short ankle bootie like my black ones up there, but they don’t show with my medium and tall booties, like the two below.



The booties: Boho ankle bootie by Sam Edelman (old — ). Four and a half inch shaft height. Two and a half inch heel.

The jeans: Ankle length skinny jeans by Madewell (old — )

The socks:  ()

Why it works:

I tend to wear wooly socks with ankle jeans — as opposed to full length jeans, like my black skinnies. The shorter length allows my socks to easily show, which I like. Plus, there’s just less fabric to deal with around the ankle, hence less rolling, less bulk, and less time spent styling.

Here’s how I usually wear ankle jeans with booties:

  1. Turn the hem of the jeans up.
  2. Slip on socks, bunch them up, and tuck them under the jeans.
  3. Slip on ankle booties, and adjust as necessary.

You probably recognize this look, because this is my OG sock and bootie combo. I’ve been wearing this exact pair of booties with this exact pair of socks. And it hasn’t let me down yet.

Don’t you love when you find a combo that just works?

Want to see all the ways I’ve styled these booties?



The booties: Rugged . (Fit note: Runs small and narrow. I sized up half a size and got the wide width.) Six inch shaft height. Three inch heel.

The jeans: Ankle length skinny jeans by Madewell (old — )

The socks:  ()

Why it works:

This look is essentially the same as the last one, with one small, but important difference:

It’s subtle.

There’s just a sliver of sock showing with the ankle jeans.

It doesn’t scream I’m wearing socks! In fact, the socks kind of blend in with the jeans, since they have that navy fleck. The socks are an interesting little detail you can find, but only if you look closely.

Since I’m all about subtlety, this look is my favorite out of all of them.

• • •

Here’s a quick-reference guide to everything we’ve been looking at over these past two posts. If you want, you can pin it or save it in case you need some ankle bootie inspiration throughout the fall and winter.


Now it’s your turn! Tell me, do you show your socks with your ankle booties? I know I lean heavily towards the camp sock, but what’s your favorite sock to show? And I’d love to hear if you’ve mastered a different way to style a short bootie with socks, like #1. I’m totally open to learning, so share away.

See you Monday — we’ll be talking about one of my go-to holiday outfit formulas. (Hint: It’s super casual.) Have a great weekend, you guys!



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