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[Web MD]

Turns out two in five of us don’t, according to a new Contraception in America survey that polled 1,000 women aged 18 to 49 and 201 doctors about their contraceptive knowledge and preferences. The main reasons why women skip birth control is that they think they’re infertile or aren’t currently sexually active. But experts say it may come down to women not fully understanding their risk for getting pregnant.  

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How Being An Only Child Affects Your Waistline[Medical News Today]

Children who don’t have brothers and sisters have a 50% higher chance of being obese or overweight than kids who have siblings, finds a new study that looked at 12,700 children from 8 European countries. Turns out that only children play outside less often, are more likely to have TV in their bedrooms, and tend to live in households with lower levels of education.

[The Huffington Post]

Want to protect your thinker? Then up your interest in the arts, say experts. A new study in the journalFrontiers in Human Neurosciencesuggests that engaging with music, dance, and other arts may be just as powerful for preserving mental health and acuity throughout our lives as exercise and taking on new challenges. In fact, inArts & the Mind, a two-part special airing on PBS this fall, neuroscientists say evidence suggests that participation in dance programs reduces the rate of development of dementia by up to 75%.  


A new study in theProceedings of the National Academy of Sciencessuggests that diet and shifts in body metabolism—changes that parallel those seen during obesity and Type 2 diabetes—can stimulate breast growth. Researchers supplemented the diet of mice with a type of fatty acids (conjugated linoleic acids, which are found primarily in animal products) known to disrupt normal metabolic processes. The results? The supplement stimulated the mammary ducts to grow, despite the fact that the mice lacked estrogen. The diet-induced breast development also increased the formation of mammary tumors in some of the mice.  

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What To Do If You Have Money To Blow And Want To Radiate Light[Jezebel]

If you're fabulously wealthy and into having a fine amalgam of silk and pearls that took four pearl divers each to retrieve, then there’s a product for you! In order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its super-expensive Clé de Peau Beauté line, Japanese cosmetics brand Shiseido has unveiled a limited-edition moisturizer called simply La Crème, a bottle of which goes for 1.05 million Japanese yen, or a little more than ,000. La Crème is made of crushed pearls and claims to “support the skin's nanostructure and help skin cells radiate light."Or, you could eat your way to glowing skin—here’s how. 

The World’s Oldest Driver[Jalopnik]

Meet Margaret Dunning, age 102, who started driving when she waseight. Thanks to some family connections, she got her driver's license when she was 12, which means she's been driving 94 years, legally for 90. The Plymouth, Michigan resident also changes her own oil and spark plugs. In addition to driving longer than anyone, Dunning is also a remarkably self-made woman: She started working in a factory, later became a bank teller, and eventually bought a clothing store in 1947, which she grew into a department store.

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