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1. Gorgeous – This is a name that is evergreen. Calling a woman gorgeous is always a good nickname.

2. Cute Pie – A name for the girl that is cute and sweet as pie.

3. Darling – A timeless name to call her at any age.

4. Cuddle Bug – The perfect name to call her when cuddling together and watching a movie.

5. Honey Bunch – Nothing is sweeter than honey, except your woman.

6. Bubble Butt – This is self-explanatory, but be careful: she may get mad.

7. Sweet Little Dumpling – A woman with a curvy figure that likes to show off her curves will appreciate this one.

8. Fruit Loop – A playful name that should be used with caution.

9. Kitten – Playful, cute and sweet describes her – and a kitten, of course.

10. Doll Face – Beautiful and flaw-free is what doll face means.

11. Angel Eyes – The eyes of an angel are something that every girl strives for, but they are meant only for your special lady.

12. Babe – A babe means a girl that is beautiful, so it describes her perfectly.

13. Dreamboat – She’s a boat filled with dreams.

14. Pancakes – A pet name with no real meaning.

15. Pet – Cute and cuddly just like she is.

16. Love of my Life – More of a beautiful saying than a real nickname.

17. Lover Girl – Old fashioned and cute. This is a great name that isn’t too mushy but still hits the right chords with any girl.

18. Honey Bunny – Sweet as honey, and cuddly and cute like a bunny.

19. Sweetheart – Your girl has a sweet heart, so remind her of it often.

20. Pumpkin – There is no real meaning to this name, but it is often used among couples.

21. Queen – She is the queen of your heart, so don’t let her forget it.

22. Juliet – The ideal name for the romantic. After all, you get to be Romeo.

23. Daisy – Bright as the sun, and delicate as a flower.

24. Happiness – She is what happiness means to you.

25. Boo – A new nickname that is adoring.

26. Button – Cute and small like a button.

27. Angel – There is no girl in the world that wouldn’t want to be called an angel.

28. Magic – A personal nickname that often relates to how you see her – like magic.

29. Donut – The choice for someone that is sweet and round.

30. Summer – Bright and radiant like the summer sun.

31. Bub – Gender neutral. Bub is the name to use when you are very comfortable being with her.

32. Diamond – Pure perfection with a smile that can rival even the world’s most beautiful jewel: a diamond.

33. Cinnamon – The girl that is so sweet and so good that the only word to call her is a spice often found in cakes and cinnamon buns.

34. Wifey – If she means a lot to you and you plan on getting married, “wifey” is a good choice.

35. Cinderella – The princess of your heart.

36. Hot-stuff – When she is looking hot and sexy, let her know with this nickname.

37. Sunshine – The light of your life and the warmth of your world.

38. Doodle Bug – If she is a painter or someone that likes to draw, you may call her “doodle bug.”

39. Cutie Patootie – An affectionate name for someone that is as cute as a button.

40. Flower Child – Meant for a woman that is a flower child: a person that loves the earth and wants nothing but peace.

41. Precious – A person so valuable that you never want them to leave.

42. Hot Mama – Another funny name to use when she is looking her best.

43. Bright Eyes – Eyes that are bright and beautiful deserve a fitting nickname, such as bright eyes.

44. Cookie – So sweet and good that you just want to eat her all up.

45. My All – If she means everything to you, this is the perfect name for her.

46. Lucky Charm – Does she bring you luck wherever you go? If so, she may just be your “lucky charm.”

47. Dream Girl – Is she the girl of your dreams? Of course, she is so you should tell her whenever you call her name.

48. Butterfly – The girl that has had a beautiful transformation in life.

49. Charming – If she is sweet and charming, you can tell her so.

50. Lamb – Sweet and undeniably cute.

51. Cupcake – The sweetest of the sweet.

52. Spring – Does she add color and happiness to your life?

53. Lemon – An exciting name for an exciting girl.

54. Adorable – A person that is so unbelievably cute.

55. Pooh – If she is a fan of Winnie the Pooh, she will appreciate this name.

56. Baby Girl – An affectionate name for her that is adoring, yet cute.

57. Rose – Precious, beautiful and delicate like a rose.

58. Hop – A cute name for someone that is fun and exciting.

59. Joy – The right name if she brings you happiness and joy.

60. Melody – A girl with a voice that sings a melody to your heart.

61. Baby Bear – If she likes to cuddle, you can call her baby bear.

62. Sprinkles – Colorful, fun and happy is what the name sprinkles indicate.

63. Cherry – Sweet and tasty just like a cherry.

64. Better Half – This is a nickname that is common. A person’s better half is their girlfriend or boyfriend that is better, prettier or sweeter than they are.

65. Snuggly – Someone so darn cute that all you want to do is snuggle with them.

66. Dove – Beautiful and innocent just like a white dove.

67. Peach – A vibrant and delicate woman that is sweet.

68. Fairy – The name for a younger girl that loves magic and romance.

69. Lil Dove – A play on the nickname “Dove.” The addition of “Lil” makes it a little cuter.

70. Blossom – The person that blossomed into your life, making it better than you could ever imagine.

71. Bitsy – Small and cute, bitsy is a name often heard in the south, and is both cute and welcomed.

72. Gum Drop – There is really no meaning behind this name, but it is used often.

73. Heart Throb – Meant for the teenage crowd. This is a person that makes everyone’s heart throb.

74. Giggles – If she has a laugh that is contagious, you can call her giggles.

75. Smiley – A name for the girl who can’t help but smile.

76. Gummy Bear – The meaning is kind of hidden in this one, but it is a cute name.

77. Dimples – Girls that have cute dimples when they smile should be told every day.

78. Cowgirl – Meant for the girl that lives in the south and may or may not have grown up on a farm or ranch.

79. Little Mama – Ideal for older ladies. This is a cute name for small moms or the older crowd.

80. Baby Angel – The girl that is your baby, yet an angel sent to you from heaven.

81. Princess – The fairytale princess that you always envisioned in life.

82. Chickadee – A cute name with no real meaning.

83. Sugar Plum – Sweet as sugar and delicate as a plum.

84. Main Squeeze – Often said as “you’re my main squeeze.” This nickname means she is your main woman.

85. Precious Angel – This is just like the precious nickname we discussed in the first half of this list but is a little sweeter with “angel’ added.

86. Sweetness – The girl that is so sweet, you call her sweetness.

87. Babylicious – A delicious girl that is all yours.

88. Sugar – A classic nickname for a girl that is sweet as sugar.

89. Sweet Thang – The name for the woman that is sexy.

90. Babette – A cute take on the classic “babe” pet name.

91. Toots – A name only to be used when you are in a long-term relationship.

92. Butthead – Playful in nature. Butthead is used when she is being a butthead.

93. Monkey Butt – This must only be used in the right situation.

94. Blue Eyes – This only works if you have a beautiful, blue-eyed girl in your life.

95. Cupid – The girl that has shot an arrow at your heart and stole it away.

96. Pebbles – Another adoring name with no real meaning.

97. Valentine – Every day you are with her is a reminder of your love.

98. Smoochy – If you love kissing her, smoochy is a great name.

99. Lovebird – Delicate like your love and cute as a bird.

100. Hottie – She is hot and sexy, so tell her.

101. Sweetie – A pet name that every person has heard before.

102. Twinkle – The name for the star in your life that brings a twinkle to your eyes.

103. Tulip – There is no particular meaning behind this nickname, but it is quite popular.

104. Yummy – The perfect word to say when she looks good enough to eat.

105. Sex Kitten – The perfect name for the frisky girl in your life. Just make sure that you never use this in front of her parents.

106. Pudding – Adorable and sweet. Pudding should only be used on girls that are confident.

107. Cookie – Cute and sweet.

108. Star – Bright and beautiful like the stars above.

109. Snowflake – She is pure and white as snow, and just as delicate.

110. Cream – A nickname with many meanings. This could mean the way she looks or tastes.

111. Honey Buns – A name with two meanings. She may be sweet like a honey bun, or her “buns” may look good.

112. Snooki – No, not the reality star. This is a name that is cute and adoring.

113. Lover – The name for the love of your life.

114. Ace – Another classic used for the woman that is the best in your life.

115. Buttercup – A name often used to describe a girl that is your buttercup.

116. Freckles – When a woman has freckles that are oh so cute, calling her freckles comes naturally.

117. Gillette – When a woman is the best a man can get, calling her Gillette will be a cute way to remind her.

118. Fantasy – A girl that is too good to be true.

119. Heaven – The name for a girl so perfect that nothing else but heaven can describe her.

120. Jelly Bean – No real meaning besides that she is sweet and cute.

121. Squirt – Meant for the girl that is much smaller than you. This is more playful than sweet.

122. Little Lady – Another classic. Calling her little lady is cute and sweet.

123. Hun – Simple and traditional.

124. Queenie – The name given to any woman that you want to be with forever.

125. Mi Amor – Adding a little twist with a word that is not in English.

126. Peanut – She is small and cute, so peanut is the perfect name for her.

127. Mouse – The ideal name for a girl that is quiet and shy.

128. Kitty – Just like the nickname “kitten.”

129. Meow – Another cat reference for the frisky woman in your life.

130. Superstar – She may not be famous, but she is a superstar in your eyes.

131. Pussycat – A frisky name for a frisky woman.

132. Soulmate – A name that doesn’t need fashionable girls with attitude2018 a description.

133. Sugar Lips – The kisses she gives you are as sweet and tasty as sugar.

134. Gem – Priceless and beautiful in every way.

135. Saint – A woman so pure and innocent, she must be a saint.

136. Chica – Playful and fun. Chica can be used at any time in a relationship.

137. Minnie – Just like Disney’s Minnie, she is perfect in every way.

138. Pookie – No real meaning, but it is cute.

139. Bella – “Beautiful” in Italian. This is another adoring nickname for her.

140. Snuggles – The name for the girl that loves to snuggle in bed with you.

141. Treasure – A life filled with happiness and riches is what her love means to you.

142. Passion – She brings passion into your life.

143. Spirit – If she means the world to you, then spirit is the perfect name.

144. Jewel – Precious and beautiful like a jewel.

145. Pearl – Innocent and precious.

146. Prize – The name to give her when she is your number 1.

147. Flame – A woman who has an essence as bright and radiant as a flame.

148. Temptress – Frisky, fun, and tempting. This name is ideal in the bedroom, or when you’re really flirting.

149. Sweet Pea – A name heard a million times. Often, this name refers to a person that is small and sweet.

150. Firecracker – Filled with passion and excitement.

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