Graduation dresses for teenagers 2018

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Hello friends, it's Tuesday already! Well, the hardest time of the week was the..


A Little Break

A Little Break - Dress up, Fashion, StyleA Little BreakDress up, Fashion, Style

The mathematics has always been so hard, ladies but now with this talented teacher, Julie..


The Math Teacher

The Math Teacher - Dress up, FashionThe Math TeacherDress up, Fashion

Hey girls! You'll see math is easier and more amusing than before with this white..


Cat Math

Cat Math - Pet, Puzzle, SkillCat MathPet, Puzzle, Skill

After an amazing weekend spent with besties, it's now time to go back to school..


Preparations for School-day

Preparations for School-day - Dress up, Make up, MakeoverPreparations for School-d..Dress up, Make up, Makeover

It's the first day of school, my beautiful fashion-lovers! Now, it's your turn..


Editor's Pick: Back to School Fashion

Editor's Pick: Back to School Fashion - Dress up, Fashion, StyleEditor's Pick: Back to Sc..Dress up, Fashion, Style

Hey sweetheart! Are you feeling ready to talk to your crush now? Well, you'll be back..

89 dresses

2013 College Fashion

2013 College Fashion - Couple, Dress up, Make up, Makeover2013 College FashionCouple, Dress up, Make up, Makeover

Hello little fashionistas! Have you ever dreamed of being the chicest one at school even..


Chic Student Style

Chic Student Style - Dress up, Fashion, StyleChic Student StyleDress up, Fashion, Style

The bells of new school year has already rang so every teacher has renewed their wardrobes..


Teacher Back to School

Teacher Back to School - Dress up, Fashion, StyleTeacher Back to SchoolDress up, Fashion, Style

Teaching a class of teenagers is a tough and a tiring work honeys! So as the new semester..


Dress My Teacher Up

Dress My Teacher Up - Dress up, StyleDress My Teacher UpDress up, Style

Are you ready to look perfect again to turn the break times into a fashion contest girls..


New Fall Semester

New Fall Semester - Autumn, Dress up, FashionNew Fall SemesterAutumn, Dress up, Fashion

Penelope is a real history-lover and she always says that the best way to learn is with..


Penelope at the Liberty Bell

Penelope at the Liberty Bell - Dress upPenelope at the Liberty B..Dress up

Our former teacher has just moved to another city and this year we're gonna have a..


Fashionable Teacher

Fashionable Teacher - Dress up, Fashion, StyleFashionable TeacherDress up, Fashion, Style

As the schools have been opened, we need to continue our street snaps in the garden..


Street Snap: Beautiful Teacher

Street Snap: Beautiful Teacher - Dress upStreet Snap: Beautiful Te..Dress up

New school year will start soon and all you, my little sweethearts, need to be ready for a..


Back to School Haircut

Back to School Haircut - Beauty, Dress up, Hair, Hairstyle, Make upBack to School HaircutBeauty, Dress up, Hair, Hairstyle, Make up

Gigi Grant, like her best friends, had a such a great time with her friends in whole..


Gigi Grant Goes to School

Gigi Grant Goes to School - Cartoon, Dress up, Monster highGigi Grant Goes to SchoolCartoon, Dress up, Monster high

Well well my little beauties, looks like it's time to get ready for the first week of..


First Week of School Style

First Week of School Style - Dress up, Fashion, StyleFirst Week of School Styl..Dress up, Fashion, Style

This week is the first week of new school year and I know you've already got ready..


School Love

School Love - Dress up, Love, Make upSchool LoveDress up, Love, Make up

Hey cutie pies! Are you ready for the first day of school! Well, it's getting more..


Pack for School

Pack for School - Backtoschool, CleaningPack for SchoolBacktoschool, Cleaning

Show off your beauty tonight with your sparkling dresses honeys! All you need is a..


Sparkling Prom Queen

Sparkling Prom Queen - Dress up, Party, ShoppingSparkling Prom QueenDress up, Party, Shopping

School time will soon arrive and I'm not ready to be the prettiest girl in there..


Pretty School Girl

Pretty School Girl - Dress up, Make up, Makeover, StylePretty School GirlDress up, Make up, Makeover, Style

School time will almost arrive and the school buses will soon start to get ready for their..


Schoolbus Decoration

Schoolbus Decoration - Decorating, Decoration, DesignSchoolbus DecorationDecorating, Decoration, Design

A collegian, especially a fashionable collegian knows all about fashion rules! So deciding..


College Fashion

College Fashion - Backtoschool, Dress up, Fashion, StyleCollege FashionBacktoschool, Dress up, Fashion, Style

Our school organized a summer vacation for us, students this year! They will take us to a..


Student Summer Vacation

Student Summer Vacation - Dress up, SummerStudent Summer VacationDress up, Summer

Don't worry ladies! Plus, don't waste your precious time by searching for the..


Prom Shop

Prom Shop - Job, Party, Shopping, SkillProm ShopJob, Party, Shopping, Skill

During the fall and winter I've studied too hard and now it's summer and it'..


Summer Intern

Summer Intern - Dress up, Fashion, Style, SummerSummer InternDress up, Fashion, Style, Summer

This is the first day of summer holiday. So the schools have just closed and our sleepy..


Sleepy Girl

Sleepy Girl - Decorating, Decoration, Design, GirlSleepy GirlDecorating, Decoration, Design, Girl

Every year a themed-party is held at my school. This year's party will be held..


School Punk Party

School Punk Party - Dress up, Party, StyleSchool Punk PartyDress up, Party, Style

Yeay, finally the day I've been waiting for a long time has arrived and I really..


Graduation Day Haircut

Graduation Day Haircut - Dress up, Hair, Make up, MakeoverGraduation Day HaircutDress up, Hair, Make up, Makeover

As the summer will arrive soon, we should be ready for it in no time! Well, it means that..


Shopping for College

Shopping for College - Dress up, ShoppingShopping for CollegeDress up, Shopping

Even if everybody thinks opposite way, actually the place where we all have to look..


Preparing for School

Preparing for School - Dress up, FashionPreparing for SchoolDress up, Fashion

Always wanted to express your feelings as an "Emo" at school but couldn't find a way..


Emo at School

Emo at School - Dress up, EmoEmo at SchoolDress up, Emo

Even if picking an outfit for school seems so easy, it's a hard thing to do! Because..


Fashion Top Student

Fashion Top Student - Dress up, Fashion, Makeover, StyleFashion Top StudentDress up, Fashion, Life, Makeover, Style

As the weather gets warmer, all the school girls started to go out and chatting around..


Cute School Girls

Cute School Girls - Dress up, Fashion, StyleCute School GirlsDress up, Fashion, Life, Style

It's raining out there and I love reading by the window while raining because rain..


Reading by the Window

Reading by the Window - Dress up, Make up, MakeoverReading by the WindowDress up, Make up, Makeover

Meet Ghoulia, graduation dresses for teenagers 2018 she is a huge bookworm and very intellectual! So whenever she has some time..


Ghoulia's Studying Style

Ghoulia's Studying Style - Cartoon, Dress up, Monster highGhoulia's Studying StyleCartoon, Dress up, Monster high

If you are a Junior and are going to attend a Junior Party soon, it's strongly..


Junior Party Dresses

Junior Party Dresses - Dress up, Fashion, PartyJunior Party DressesDress up, Fashion, Party

If you are having a hard time while picking your outfits to wear at school, this game is..


Winter School Style

Winter School Style - Dress up, Fashion, Make up, Makeover, WinterWinter School StyleDress up, Fashion, Make up, Makeover, Winter

Being popular is about more than just your clothes or how you do your hair or makeup. Of..


Top Girl in College

Top Girl in College - Dress up, Make up, MakeoverTop Girl in CollegeDress up, Make up, Makeover

Who says that fashion has no place in schools? Guess they think uniforms can not be..


School Fashion

School Fashion - Dress up, FunSchool FashionDress up, Fun

Beauty is a hard thing because being a beautiful and well-groomed girl requires a lot..


Miss Junior High

Miss Junior High - Caring, Dress up, Make upMiss Junior HighCaring, Dress up, Make up

The final exams are coming soon, so you need to go to a library and get prepared for your..


Library Girl 4

Library Girl 4 - Dress upLibrary Girl 4Dress up

It is that ime of the year again, to go back to school! If you are a student your job is..


Cute Teacher

Cute Teacher - Dress up, JobCute TeacherDress up, Job, Life

Another long, fun summer vacation is over, but don't worry; it is time you meet with..


First Day of School

First Day of School - Dress upFirst Day of SchoolDress up, Life

It is the time the school starts. You'd better get ready for your curriculum. The..


Girl in Library

Girl in Library - Dress up, Make up, MakeoverGirl in LibraryDress up, Life, Make up, Makeover

A princess is well educated as well as being well dressed. If you are a princess going to..


Adorable School Princesses

Adorable School Princesses - Dress up, PrincessAdorable School Princesse..Dress up, Life, Princess

First day of school is a pleasent time to meet new schoolmates and find friendship and..


Cute Schoolgirl

Cute Schoolgirl - Dress upCute SchoolgirlDress up, Life

Summer vacation could be all about rest and fun; but some sure might miss the schooldays..


Schoolgirl Style

Schoolgirl Style - Dress up, Make up, MakeoverSchoolgirl StyleDress up, Life, Make up, Makeover

Olivia is going to graduate soon, so this is her last photo session in the school! She..


Yearbook Photo Session

Yearbook Photo Session - Dress upYearbook Photo SessionDress up, Life

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