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green tumblr photography 2018 Face masks have really improved recently and a lot beauty brand have come up with new and exciting ways of updating them! Quick, fast, easy, and effective these are not the green sludge you used to plaster on your face during a sleepover party!

This Charcoal Clay Mask from Yes To is a simple concept that is super smart. This face mask in a “stick” can be applied directly onto the face and works in just five minutes. The stick means the product has no mess, and the face mask dries quickly and also provides immediate results. We can’t understand why a face mask stick hasn’t been done before, but we hope to see more of them!

The Garnier Fresh Mix Tissue Mask’s are a great new face mask! This sheet mask is not like others as it requires you to DIY mix it. The face mask is separated into two sections with an intense serum (the amount included is as concentrated as one bottle of serum) and a tissue mask. Once mixed, the tissue turns into a soft gel face mask that moisturises and softens skin. The mask gives glowing and hydrated results which are two things we love.

SkinRepublic are one of our favourite sheet masks brands, each face mask is affordable and effective. The SkinRepublic Pink Clay Mud Mask is a clay mask and sheet mask in one and combines the convenience of a sheet mask with the cleansing properties of a mud mask. The formula removes dirt and oil so it’s great for oily and congested skin. It is very easy to use application is easy and there is no brush or messy fingers.

Olay Magnemasks are unlike any face masks we have seen before!  The face mask is a rich gel formula that turns into a liquid once it hits the skin, so the formula is very lightweight. The mask contains ingredients that react to a magnet (these ingredients are Pentapeptide, Niacinamide) and when they are used with the specially designed magnetic infuser all ingredients are pushed into the skin for fast results.This face mask also works as an overnight mask that doesn’t need to be washed off so you will wake up with fresh, rejuvenated, and youthful looking skin

The Foreo UFO Mask is definitely out of this world! This face mask received a lot of recognition when it was announced and we aren’t shocked. The “UFO” is a skincare tool that works with special sheet masks to deliver results in 90 seconds. With LED light technology that warms and pulsates the sheet mask ingredients are pushed into the skin to give professional spa like results!

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