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Desert Museum
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San Diego Traveler:

San Diego

Ocotillo Start / Finish:

  3.5 acre Ocotillo park

Ocotillo Community Park
 Opened Aug 11, 2007

 Plenty of parking space!

Five covered picnic areas

     Start/Finish area

     Basketball court Loading...
Please wait...
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    2015 Metal TTT

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    2016 Stagecoach

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Shelter Valley Community:
Desert Museum (Ocotillo):
                                           "Earn your Stagecoach Spurs!" Date:    Saturday, February 23rd, 2019
2019 Registration NOW OPEN! Distances: 26/50/73/84/90/100/150 mile options Location: Ocotillo, California (80 miles East
of San Diego, just off Interstate 8) Address: 266 West Imperial Highway
Ocotillo, CA 92259  Field Limit: 1,000 / Maximum 50 TTT Teams Start Times: Time Trial Riders:  8:00-8:10 A.M.
All Riders:  8:10-10:00 A.M.
    Driving Directions v2     Price List v2 Maps & Profiles     Riders List Final 2 Where to Stay v7     Rider Levels   Accuweather AccuWeather Forecast: Will be updated closer to event date.
  Welcome Riders!
Facebook find us on Facebook
       Click on galleries below to view photos

Register Now

October 31st, 2018
: Tba. for current forecast.
2018:  Plenty of Sunshine! 44 - 65F, varied winds
          4-9 mph. Outstanding conditions!   
2017:  Mild temps 49-63F, passing showers, varied
          winds 4-9 mph. Average conditions. 
2016:  Mild temps 47-69F, varied winds, 4-8 mph,
          Mostly Sunny.  Fine conditions. 
2015:  Mild temps 45-77F, varied winds, 2-7 mph,
          Sunny/warm.  Excellent conditions. 
2014:  Mild temps 41-79F, varied winds, 2-7 mph,
          Sunny/warm.  Best weather ever! 
2013:  Cool temps 36-55F, varied winds 1-9 mph,
          Sunny with Cold early A.M. start. 
2012:  Mild temps 43-68F, mild winds 3-5 mph,
          gusts to 10 mph. Sunny & Nice. 
2011:  Warm temps 46-79F, mild winds 3-8 mph,
          gusts to 8 mph. Sunny & Warm. 
2010:  Mild temps 49-74F, mild winds 3-5 mph,
          gusts to 10 mph. Sunny & Warm. 
2009:  Warm temps 45-82 F, mild winds 3-5 mph,
          gusts to 10 mph, Sunny & Warm. 
2008:  Warm temps 48-74 F, mild winds 3-9 mph,
          gusts to 15 mph, Sunny & Warm. 
2007:  Cold temps 28-42 F, mild winds 5-10 mph,
          gusts to 15 mph, Some Sun/Cold. 
2006:  Mild temps 48-65 F, sustained winds 10-12
          mph, gusts to 25, Sunny/Windy.
2005:  Mild temps 50-70 F, mild winds 5-10 mph,

2018 Final Rider Instr/Course Map:  2018 Final Rider Instr/Map PDF:  
Stagecoach Course Map: 
San Diego County Waiver:     Save time! Download & Complete SD County
   Waiver and bring to Fri/Sat packet pick up
Registered Riders Email Updates:
   Stagecoach Round-up:  Tba
   Final Rider Update:  Tba 
   Feb Rider Update:    
++++++ Latest News ++++++
2019 has 22 Registered Riders,
General Store inventory updated
NEW:  Legacy Stagecoach jerseys,
     Sponsorship & Exhibitors: 
 Sturdy Riders receive all these great features with paid entry:
  • Ride registration
  • Detailed Final Rider Instructions
  • Included Subway lunch meal
  • Plenty of free parking
  • Camp for free just 2 miles from start
  • and maps for all routes
  • Riders select distance: 26 to 150 miles
  • 8 fully-stocked rest stops, plus lunch and
    rest stop items in Shelter Valley
  • Photography Services
  • Dedicated law enforcement
  • Roving mechanical support
  • Lunch choice in Ocotillo or Shelter Valley
  • DJ/festivities at Ocotillo Park
  • Gear drop at Start/Finish & Rest Stop #1
  • Goodie bag
  • Refund/Rollover/Transfer
  • Easy navigation course:  50.0 miles
    straight out-and-back
  • Cool Start/Finish area at 3.5 acre
    Ocotillo Community Park
  • Optional "Ultimate 100 Mile Solo and
    4-Person Team Time Trial"
  • Optional Chip Timing for Full Century 
  • Full Century Finisher Names & Cities
    posted on the Stagecoach website
  • Optional 150, 112, and 56 mile routes
  • Comprehensive "Round up" email
  • Custom Finisher Medal and Pin
  • Long Course/Short Course Prices
  • Optional Chip-timed Solo/TeamTT
  • Official Strava Segments
  • Optional Custom "Tec T-shirts"
  • Optional Custom Voler Jerseys
  • Trophies Mz/Wz Solo & TTT Champs
  • Club Challenge
  • Optional Old West Bbq!
  • NEW FOR 2019:  Later Start Window!
2018 SC Medal 450 x 850
2018 Stagecoach Medal Pin Shadow Tour 150 x 150
    Ultimate Cycling
     Adventures Pin
2018 SC Pin 300 x 187
2018 Stagecoach Pin                    WELCOME NEW VISITORS!
El Tour          BBC Network
NCCC            Team in Training              Constant Contact      SDC Solvang Prelude               Tour de Poway Stagecoach-Century
             2006 Sturdy Stagecoach Rider
          Approaching base of Campbell Grade
2009 Stagecoach Near Rest Stop #1

2009 Michael from San Diego, CA
Nearing Rest Stop #1
photo courtesy

                      Best in Cycling 07 08 09 GIF

15th Annual Stagecoach Century
Saturday, February 23rd, 2019
Ocotillo - Shelter Valley - Ocotillo
California, U S A

2014 Stagecoach Male Winners
2014 Male Winners & New Course Records!
Male TTT Champs: Carbon Connection with Metal
 Male Solo Champion: Adam Bickett

2018 Men's & Women's Solo Champs!
Donna Phelan & James McNaughton
Both set New Course Records

Rest Stop 2
2018 "Wild West" Rest Stop #2
  Courtesy Imperial Valley Desert Museum
2018 SC Jersey Front 650 x 900
2018 SC Jersey Back 650 x 900
2018 Stagecoach 14th Annual Jersey

2008 Stagecoach Century glorious weather!
2011 Photo
2011 Stacey (363) from Torrance, CA and Patricia (396) from Manhattan Beach at Rest Stop #7
Photo Courtesy
cycle sillouette
2009 Sunrise in Ocotillo, Courtesy

2008 Relaxing spin out in the desert, in January!
Photo Courtesy
Cholla Cactus 348 x 230
BEWARE of "Jumping" Cholla Cactus!
Don't touch, or even go near, these prickly devils
Photo Courtesy
2018 SC T-shirt 603 x 733

2018 Stagecoach "Tec" T-shirts

2016 Stagecoach Trophies:
                         2016 SC Male Overall                   2016 SC Women Overall
                          2016 SC Male TTT                 2016 SC Women TTT v2                     
                                2010 Stagecoach Century Video Courtesy of                          
                   2008 Spring Stagecoach Century.  Video Courtesy  and


elcome to the Stagecoach Century! Kick off your New Year of cycling with a Wild West cycling adventure along the historic Great Southern Overland Stage Route of 1849. The ride travels through pristine California deserts on County Route S2 in east San Diego and Imperial Counties. Marvel at stunning vistas from five desert passes along the route. The ride starts in bike-friendly Ocotillo, where supportive local volunteers help make your Start and Finish memorable.  Bicycling Magazine rated Stagecoach as a "Best in Cycling Event" three years in a row!
Thanks to your participation over the first three years, Shadow Tour has donated to the Ocotillo Community Fund in support of their efforts to build a new community park.  The park and recreation center was completed and dedicated on Aug 11, 2007.  Located on the north side of town, 2 miles from the Interstate 8 freeway, the 3.5 acre facility is an ideal location for easy parking and rider access for all riders participating in 2008 and beyond.
More sterling volunteers from Shelter Valley near the halfway point host your included Subway lunch feast. In between, volunteers from groups such as the So Cal Coasters, Team in Training San Diego/Hawaii Chapter, San Diego Triathlon Club, Knickerbikers, San Diego Randonneurs, La Mesa Boy Scout Troop 208, La Mesa Boy Scout Troop 319, and our own loyal Shadow Tour staff members run a total of 6 fully-stocked rest stops.
This is your chance to enjoy a hassle-free 100-mile ride with just two lonely stop signs, at the ideal time of year for desert cycling! The out-and-back course is fully adjustable for your own mileage preference and offers full rider support in both directions. Elevation rises gradually from 492 feet above sea level to over 2,600 feet at its peak before returning to the Start/Finish area in Ocotillo. There are five gradual climbs of about ½ to 4 miles in length at a maximum 7-8% grade. Winds are “generally” neutral to light headwinds in the morning (riding north) and almost always at your back on the downhill return (riding south), producing a fast return ride to the finish. The full century has 4,685 ft of climbing elevation, with about 3,100 ft of climbing in the first 50 miles, and 1,600 ft in the 50 miles returning to Ocotillo.
The course crosses Hwy 78 at the north end of the route and continues 4.4 miles north to the 50.0 mile turn-around point/rest stop.  So when you turn around, you will know you're halfway home!
We rate the ride as moderately difficult. We advise riders to recognize that weather conditions can vary widely at this time of year and can include sun, heat, cold, wind, rain, or any combination.  We’ll provide tips on how to be well prepared, but Mother Nature can create a formidable challenge.  For more detailed descriptions of the course, weather, and types of riders, please carefully review the section.  You're also invited to review the photos in the "Gallery" section to get a sense of the weather conditions--sometimes a picture is worth much more than words. 

The town of Ocotillo is a quiet, low-desert town of about 400 residents. Its citizens enjoy a peaceful life with minimal outside interference. It has no fancy restaurants or hotels and there is very little in the way of paved parking or other Gucci amenities. These are some of the tradeoffs you accept in return for a one-of-a-kind ride featuring 100 miles of stunning undisturbed natural scenery with virtually no traffic, zero stoplights, and only two stop signs. We created the Stagecoach Century, because the entire route is very much the same as it was when real stagecoaches bounced along the trail in the 1850's--a rarity in California. When we compare this century to any other we have ridden, we continue to believe it's the best century in America.
But you don’t have to take our word for it, check out the photos posted on this webpage, there are more in the Stagecoach Photo Galleries for , , , , , , , , and .  You're also encouraged to review some .  We enthusiastically invite you to join us and see for yourself!

Lastly, organizing a large bicycling event is a complex operation, made more difficult and expensive by staging it in the desert. We work extremely hard to create distinctive events for our riders. We do it because we love the sport and enjoy interactions with our riders. However, we definitely aren't perfect. And not every single hardworking volunteer and staff member will have the answer to every conceivable question or issue that may arise at the event or out on the course.
We also don’t control the weather (despite many requests to turn down the wind in 2006 and turn up the heat in 2007). Mother Nature is always in charge! If you're a rider with a very low tolerance for imperfections, or minor inconveniences, then Stagecoach is probably not for you. By necessity, Stagecoach  takes place in a remote location to optimize safety, natural scenery, and the overall riding experience. Please know that every single volunteer, course marshal, police officer, and staff member, is doing his or her best to present a safe ride to the highest possible operational standard. We simply ask for your patience and understanding when everything doesn’t go exactly as planned. We listen carefully to all riders' constructive suggestions and continuously strive for improvement to make next year’s event even better!

2014 Stagecoach Sign 2
Stagecoach Century sign at Ocotillo Community Park, updated Jan 7, '14

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2018 Voler Jersey, Club Fit, Front Zipper (3/4 and Full zipper options), 3 Rear Pockets
    2018 SC Jersey Front 650 x 900 2018 SC Jersey Back 650 x 900     
                           2018 Voler Jersey Front                                         2018 Voler Jersey Back
                                                                     for Sizing Charts

Important Apparel Ordering Dates: 
Voler Custom Jerseys:

     Through Jan 8th, 2018:  Jerseys ordered by Jan 8th will be available at packet pickup.
       After Jan 8th:  Jerseys may be ordered after Jan 8th using a new process.  Riders may place orders
                              for the 2018 Stagecoach Century Jersey directly through Voler, using .  These
                              Jerseys will be mailed directly to riders within 7 days. Free Shipping!

Fineline Custom "Tec" T-shirts:
     T-shirts:  All T-shirts will be available at the ride based on orders through the end of December.  If sizes
      run out, refunds will be issued at the event.
Voler Jersey Sizing Charts (Visit for more details)
 Men's Club Jersey Sizing Chart
X SMALL 26-29 100-120 5'5" and under 33-35 8.5 SMALL 29-31 120-145 5'4" to 5'8" 35-37 9 MEDIUM 32-34 145-170 5'7" to 5'11" 38-40 9.5 LARGE 35-37 170-190 5'10" to 6'2" 40-42 10 X LARGE 38-41 190-220 6'1" to 6'5" 42-44 10.5 XX LARGE 42-45 220-250 6'3" and over 44-46 11 XXX LARGE 46-50 250-260 6'3" and over 46-48 11.5     Women's Club Jersey Sizing Chart  
X SMALL 0-2 22-24 31-32 95-115 5'2" and under 30-32 7.5 SMALL 4-6 25-27 34-36 110-120 5'1" to 5'5" 32-34 7.75 MEDIUM 8-10 27-29 36-38 120-145 5'4" to 5'8" 34-36 8 LARGE 12-14 30-32 39-41 140-165 5'7" to 5'11" 36-38 8.25 X LARGE 16-18 33-35 42-44 160-185 5'10" and over 39-41 8.5 XX LARGE 20-22 36-38 45-47 190-205 5'10" and over 41-43 8.75 XXX LARGE 24-26 39-40 48-50 210-225 5'10" and over 43-45 9 Go to top of page
2018 Stagecoach "Tec" T-Shirt:
 Hanes Cool Dri, tagless, Custom "Tec" T-shirt. Full-Color front, B&W logos on back, extra-wide 14 inch screening.  "Tec" T-shirts are the state-of-the art for comfort, wicking properties, and rapid dry interlocking fabric.  Color print stays bright wash-after-wash.  Extremely comfortable 4.1 oz.  Leaves traditional cotton T's in the dust.  A great base layer for year-round cycling.  Women's sizes have a tapered cut.  The first time you pull on a Tec T, you'll understand what the buzz is all about!
   Men's:  XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
   Women's:  S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL (no XS)
     2018 SC T-shirt Full Sized            
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Stagecoach Caps Limited supplies available at ride only (adjustable, one size fits most)

Shadow Tour Logo with lettering "The Ultimate Cycling Adventure" SC B
Khaki/Black Bill ST H
Khaki/Hunter Bill ST SB
Khaki/Sky Blue Bill ST N
Khaki/Navy Bill Stagecoach Logo SC B2
       Khaki/Black Bill SC H
       Khaki/Hunter Bill SC SB
      Khaki/Sky Blue Bill SC N
         Khaki/Navy Bill
                All caps have lettering " OCOTILLO, CA " and " SHELTER VALLEY, CA " on reverse 
                            SC SB                 Cap Back 
Go to top of page Ride Sponsors, Affiliates, and Volunteers:
Chamois Butt'r Desert Museum

Vitalyte Sport Nutrion New 2011 170 x 117
  Official Chamois
       Cream     Official Charity     Official Energy Bar  Official Energy
Official Photographer
Her Chamois Buttr
Nite Rider Blk Jpeg 173 x 130
Fineline 188 x 29

JL Velo

kickerbiker logo Wz Chamois Butt'r
      Nite Rider
    Official T-shirts
JL Velo
  Rest Stop #2 Vol's
Traction Bicycles v2 171 x 110
subway 3 200 x 50  Sample Design Logo 2 Holland Cycles Stacked Logo 170 x 110 Designmaker NEW 2011 196 x 67  Official Mechanic
    Lunch Meals
   Shadow Tour Logos
  Holland Cycles  Official Graphic Artist
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Course Maps and Profiles:

Century Maps and Profiles:

100 Mile  Century Map (Click on "100 Mile" to display)
Profile  Century Profile
3-D  Century 3D Profile
50 Mile   50 Mile Map + Elevation Profile
26 Mile  26 Mile Map + Elevation Profile

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Stagecoach Century Route
          For better resolution and ease of printing, to download Stagecoach Course Map as PDF 
          Stagecoach Course Map v3 638 x 825
Stagecoach Driving Map
          For better resolution and ease of printing,  to download Stagecoach Driving Map as PDF 
          stagecoach driving directions 2
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Cyclist Levels:  for detailed Rider Levels tips and advice.
The Stagecoach course is moderately difficult overall.  It is significantly affected by weather conditions on the day of the ride. All cyclists need to assess their own physical conditioning, weather conditions, and course profiles when deciding what distance to ride. The course has several options marked, however, all riders may adjust their distance by safely executing a u-turn along the out-and-back course.
For beginner cyclists, we recommend starting at the early start time. Typical beginner riders take eight to ten hours including stops to ride the 100-mile Stagecoach, depending on weather conditions. More advanced cyclists typically complete the entire route in under seven hours with minimal stops. The very fastest cyclists will be under six hours.  Team Time Trial teams may finish well under 5 hours in good conditions.
Shadow Tour rides are hosted in remote locations.  This optimizes natural scenery and minimizes vehicular traffic.  As a direct consequence, some riders experience a sense of isolation and feel they have been left completely alone out on the course because there are no urban areas or heavy traffic around them.  This is normal, especially on a long and unfamiliar desert century ride.  Anxiety levels also tend to rise when weather conditions make riding more difficult.
Rest assured, our courses are designed in such a way that you are never more than 9 miles (in front or to the rear) away from an on-course Rest Stop support or small community along the route.  Further, we have patrolling CHP support and our own roving SAG Wagons on the course continuously.  There are also many cyclists riding in both directions so you can flag one down if you need help.  This does not mean we can immediately evacuate every single rider at a moment's notice -- we can't--neither can any other major ride.  But we will get to you as quickly as possible if you need help. 
We strongly recommend riders unfamiliar with our course, or riders attempting their first full century, to take it "one small bite at a time".  At Stagecoach, you have the freedom to ride north on S2, and at any time, you may safely turn around and ride back south (with full Rest Stop support) to the start/finish at the Ocotillo Community Community Park.  So if you're not sure of your level of conditioning, or if weather conditions develop out on the course, as they typically do in remote sections of the desert, consider turning back early.  You have the option to reconsider.  For example, you might ride north to Rest Stop #2 near 25 miles, then return south to Ocotillo giving you 50 miles; then repeat the process to complete a full century.
Our on-course resources such as SAG vehicles, communications, and volunteers are always limited.  Don't expect a Shadow Tour vehicle to pick you up the instant you feel you cannot continue--it's simply not possible.  If you feel you need help, try calling us on your cell phone, or dial 911 if it's an emergency, try flagging down another cyclist or motorist, or simply ride or walk back to the nearest Rest Stop and let the volunteers know you need assistance.  We'll do our best to get you back to the start/finish as soon as possible.  Keep a level head out there and be patient.  Constantly ask yourself how you're doing.  Use every single rest stop for fluids and energy products, including salt (pretzels or E-Caps) and bananas and Clif energy bars (major bonk busters).  Keep an eye on the weather, your time, and how other riders are progressing.  If you have any doubt, turn back early.  You still have lots of options to have a great ride! 

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Online and mail-in registration is open.   Click below to sign-up.

     We encourage riders to register early and SAVE BIG!

     • Concerned about committing early? Please visit our
     Payment by Credit Card: processed online through Riders receive a confirmation email from when their entry has been processed successfully. Riders without computers may call Customer Service at 1-877-228-4881 to register by phone.
     Payment by Check: download the  complete, sign, and mail it with a check.

      IMPORTANT EMAIL & SPAM NOTICE: All our rider correspondence is through email. Please insure we
     always have a valid email for you or a friend who can relay messages to you. Additionally, be sure your
     spam filter allows inbound email from these two sources:
     support "@"  AND support "@"

     Regrettably, we cannot verify bounced emails from spam filters requiring the sender (us) to actively
     respond (type a response). We are not responsible for missed emails caused by rider spam filters. We
     understand and support controls of unwanted spam. However, with thousands of emails to our riders,
     it is impossible for us to individually respond to these kinds of active response spam filters.

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Registration Categories and Prices: 

2019 Stagecoach Century (Includes Ride + Lunch + Custom Medal + Custom Pin)
 Last Chance
Mar 31  Apr 30  May 31 
Jun 30 
Jul 31 
Aug 31
Sep 30 
Oct 31 
Nov 30 
Dec 31
Jan 31 Feb 22  Feb 23
Entry Categories:     Full Course With Time Trial (to 150 miles)
 0  5
   Full Course (to 150 miles)
 0    5
 5  0  5    Short Course (26 - 50 miles)
 0  5  0   Optional Extras:  (Includes tax)
Hanes CoolDri
Custom Tec-T
Voler Custom Jersey        

Registration Notes: 
 1.   Ride takes place rain or shine, wind, heat, or cold
 2.   Refunds, Transfers, and Exchanges are permitted per Shadow Tour 
 3.   Lunch Meal is INCLUDED for all rides. Select Start/Finish in Ocotillo, or Halfway, in Shelter Valley.
 4.   Carefully review prices & associated deadlines.
 5.   Short Course Riders may not ride Full Course.  Updrades may be made at the Start ().
 6.   Riders receive instructions and weather conditions by email from (support at ShadowTour dot com)
 7.   Jerseys:  Riders purchasing Jerseys by Jan 6 will receive them at packet pickup. After Jan 6,
       riders may purchasing jerseys her:
 8.   T-shirts:  Riders purchasing T-shirts receive them at packet pick up.  Refunds issued if sizes run out.
 9.   All riders register as individuals, Online, Mail-in, or Walk-up, this includes Tandems, Teams, and Clubs.
 10. All riders select, in advance, preferred location for included lunch meal: Shelter Valley -OR- Ocotillo
 11. Solo & Team Time Trial is optional for Full Course riders, no additional fee, subject to time cut-offs.
 12. 150-Mile "Super Century" is optional for Full Course riders, no additional fee.  Subject to time cut-offs.
 13. Unclaimed Gear Bags/Jerseys/T-shirts: Returned upon receipt of to cover shipping expenses. 


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Host Hotel:

Courtyard San Diego
Del Mar/Solana Beach  Courtyard Solana Beach

Shadow Tour is pleased to announce the Host Hotel for the 2018 Stagecoach Century is the .  

The Courtyard hotel is located in Solana Beach, not Ocotillo.  There are no hotels in, or near, the small desert town of Ocotillo.  The drive from the Courtyard to Ocotillo is about 95 miles on freeways.  It takes about 2 hours at freeway speeds on Interstate 5 South, 805 South, and 8 East.  It's an easy & scenic drive.  Other lodging options are listed below.

STAGECOACH CENTURY SPECIAL RATES (subject to availability, rates may change):

  9 +tax: 1 King Room Non-smoking
Book rooms online:  

The special Stagecoach online booking link remains live until Feb 24th, '18, however rates fluctuate based on availability, so book early for best rates! All rates based on availability and are not guaranteed if room block is booked.

Special Note:  Riders are encouraged to book their rooms well in advance to get a great rate.  

To Book Rooms Online:  Please use the special link, . This will take you directly to the booking page with special rates already displayed.  It is not necessary to enter any special rate codes.


Courtyard Lobby
                         Courtyard Lobby
Courtyard King Room
Courtyard Executive King Room

Top 10 Friday Packet Pickup BENEFITS:

1.   Avoid lines on Saturday in Ocotillo.
2.   Calmly review your rider packet, Final Rider Instructions, course maps, and other swag items.
3.   Carefully affix ride numbers to helmet in advance, vastly improving the odds of identification
      by photographers out on the course.
4.   Review any last minute details, maps, and instructions provided in your packet the night prior.
5.   Avoid a round-trip from your car to the registration area, and back, on Saturday morning.
6.   Pick up rider packets in the relaxed environment of the Trek Superstore.
7.   Easy in & out FREE PARKING for packet pickup.
8.   Chance to purchase t-shirts and jerseys while most sizes are likely available.
9.   Ask questions or get information about the ride on Friday afternoon/evening when volunteers
      and staff are not as pressed for time (as they are early Saturday morning in Ocotillo).
10.  Sign up Friday at the “Regular” price. On Saturday morning, all entry categories go up . 
      Credit Card or Cash accepted. 

MORE LODGING OPTIONS:   Listed below are hotel, motel, and camping options in the vicinity of Ocotillo. The small town of Ocotillo has only modest accommodations. The primary reason Stagecoach is such a low-traffic and pristine ride is due to its isolated location. The closest hotels are in El Centro, about 27 miles east of Ocotillo via Interstate 8. Overall, these are very good options considering the distance from Ocotillo and mix of quality and affordable hotels. If you prefer to stay in San Diego on Friday night and drive out to Ocotillo early Saturday morning, there are many other San Diego hotel options available.  Listed below are the some reasonably priced hotel options listed by distance from Ocotillo.  Note:  Don't confuse "Ocotillo" with "Ocotillo Wells".  Ocotillo Wells is about 60 miles away from Ocotillo (Start/Finish).

Hotels and Motels   Special Rates Location Miles to
Telephone Link to
Ocotillo Trailer Park & Motel
     14 East Agate Rd
     Ocotillo, CA  92259         Ocotillo, CA     0 760-358-7559 Jacumba Hot Springs & Resort
     44500 Old Hwy 80
     Jacumba, CA  91934
COMPLETELY REMODELED 2013 9 + tax dbl occ
Code:  Stagecoach
Contact: Ron Jacumba, CA    13 619-766-4525 Comfort Inn & Suites
     2354 South Fourth St
     El Centro, CA 92243
     Full Breakfast starts @ 4:00 A.M,
     refrig, micro in room, fitness ctr,
     Ihop, In-N-Out next door, right
     off I-8 Freeway
(reg rate + tax)
Call for special rate
Mention: Stagecoach
Contacts: Ask for Lyssa
              or Yesenia
Mgr:  Samsing (Sam)
El Centro, CA    27


Holiday Inn Express
     350 Smoketree Drive
     El Centro, CA  92243 .99 + Tax
Call for special rate
Code: Stagecoach
Contact: Juana El Centro, CA    27 760-352-6666 El Centro Inn
     1455 Ocotillo Dr/I-8
     El Centro, CA  92243
     Cont bfst, refrg, micro in room + tax single
+ tax double
Code: Stagecoach
Contacts: Calista,
Susanna, Isabelle El Centro, CA    27 760-352-5152    none Fairfield Inn & Town Place Suites
     503 Danenburg Drive
     El Centro, CA 92243
     Cont bfst, full kitchen Call for rates El Centro, CA    27 Fairfield:
Town Suites:
760-320-3800 Motel 6
     395 Smoketree Drive
     El Centro, CA  92243  No special rates El Centro, CA    27 760-353-6766 Best Western John Jay Inn
     2353 South Fourth St
     El Centro, CA  92243 10% Discount
Code:  Stagecoach
Contact:  Alex
(Nearly sold out
as of Jan 8,'15) El Centro, CA    27 760-337-8677 Rodeway Inn & Suites
   455 Wake Ave
    El Centro, CA, US, 92243 15% Discount
Code:  Stagecoach
Contact:  Alex El Centro, CA    27 760-352-5520 Pine Valley Inn
     28940 Old Highway 80
     Pine Valley, CA  91962   Pine Valley, CA    44 619-473-8560 Ayers Inn
     1251 Tavern Road
     Alpine, CA  91901
      Contl bfst, free parking AAA Rates for riders
Code: Stagecoach
Contact:  Nicole Alpine, CA    60 619-445-5800 Relax Inn
     1220 W. Main Street
     El Cajon, CA  92020
Stagecoach Special
.95 p/t King Bed
.95 2 Queen beds
Denny's Rest. Onsite
El Cajon, CA

               Camping Sites    

Butterfield Ranch Resort
     200 RV and tent campsites
     12 Cedar Cabins (sleeps 4-8)
       4 Camping Huts (sleeps 4)
  Pull-thru RV Sites
  Full hook-ups, dump station
  Open year round, 2 club houses
  Children playground, Showers,
  Laundry Facility, Restrooms
  Fully renovated, Friendly Staff!

10% Discount
(subject to avail.)
Ask for group rates
Code: Stagecoach
Contact:  Sheila

Located on S2
about 33 miles
north of

   33 760-765-1463 Ocotillo RV Park
     About 10 campsites
     7 East Agate
     Ocotillo, CA  92259
     RV/Tents full hook-ups.
     restrooms, showers   Ocotillo, CA     0 760-358-7200 Jackson's Hide-away
     (about 10 campsites)
     121 West Via De Coyote
     Ocotillo, CA  92259   Ocotillo, CA     0 760-358-7121 Bureau of Land Management
      Many sites available
      Free primitive camping
      on BLM land along Shell
      Canyon Rd north of S2
      about 2 mi from Start/Finish
      No restrooms, no showers    Ocotillo, CA     0        N/A     N/A See FAQ's for additional
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