Gucci premiere perfume gift set 2018

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According to Chanel official website the notes for the perfume are:
•cedarwood,cottony musk
Fragrantica obviously adds more notes; I can justify aldehydes and neroli only.

Well, of perfume course it's going to appeal, and it did, to Millenials and the younger, simply because it has the main two characteristics they ask in a perfume:
1. Low sillage. Too low sillage. If you don't bring the nose to the wrist it's not there. That's what we call "not offensive to others"
2. Weak longevity. Technically they want a perfume that's not strong, not stuffy, that doesn't linger much because it's tiring; only a perfume with weak longevity is going to achieve that.
The thing is, they ask 80$/100€ and over for a perfume of 2 hours longevity, which to me is strictly a no. Sprayed at 19:30 and at 21:30 I catch barely there faint whiffs. Insane.

You can differentiate it from Eau Premiere, which is creamier with the vanilla and the aldehydes being still enough prominent, but L'eau is generally crispier and the notes sound clearer. It carries the Chanel dna, don't worry, it's evident in the drydown.

Gave it four good spritzes on the same spot on my arm and some around my neck. There is the blast of powder and aldehydes, only these are not the "raw" ones used in the Ernest Beaux edition, but they are well-behaved, polite,intense, prim, very well blended with the ylang-neroli that seems to appear right after. Very complementary to each other. Very aromatic! If only it could settle just like that it would be amazing!

The aroma is quickly enhanced by a subdued vintage powdery base with lots of lemon and musk. The powder does not shout its presence at all, don't worry.
Youthful, uplifting, sour, sunny. It's a decent scent. Would I buy it? No, the longevity is terrible. If it works for you rock it.


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