Hot summer hair ideas 2018

Date: 17.10.2018, 13:35 / Views: 94495

Q&A with Shaina Jones

Which of your recent looks are you most proud of doing?

Tell us about this...

My client Barbara (the one with the purple hair) is always hot summer hair ideas 2018 so much fun to do. The balayage that I do on her last for so long. She is able to get a full balayage twice a year and then maintenance her color every 6 weeks with a toner service. In the area that I am located in, I do not get as many trendy/edgy colors in my chair but they are definitely fun to play with. I love this type of color service because it can evolve into a different tone such as a light purple or fuschia and then you can either change it or maintain what you had before. Her haircut is always fun because she loves LOTS of textured layers and it compliments the trendy color so well!My client Heather (the one with the blonde hair) Oh Heather, she is one of my clients that her hair ALWAYS looks great. It could be a year later and her balayage grows out so well and her hair has that natural texture that she can just put a beach texture spray into her hair and boom she's got great hair. This last balayage we did on her I loved how she had those money pieces of blonde right around her face and then all the other transitional blondes from her natural color were fine pieces that melted into her color so well. Her cut is a simple one length long bob but I point cut her length so that it looks more textured and then framed her face with some shorter side swept pieces. I was very happy with how the balayage blended so well, but yet it was so bright! I can't wait to see what her hair evolves into the next time I see her.

What’s your absolute favorite hair trend right now?

Why do you love this trend so much?

Bed Head Waves. We have been seeing this everywhere! It's look is so effortless, undone, but yet, still beautiful and sexy. It's a great style to turn into something else such as a textured ponytail. If you haven't noticed in my interview I always love how things evolve into something else that looks good.

What's been inspiring you as a hair artist lately?

Educational Classes and Instagram stylists definitely keep me inspired. There isn't one way to achieve a look and its interesting to see other stylists techniques. Then figuring out which one works best for you as a stylist.

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