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How to Find a Muslim Wife

Four Methods:

Whether you’re a Muslim yourself or you’re interested in meeting someone from a different cultural background, finding a nice Muslim woman to settle down with can be a rewarding pursuit. Asking a friend or loved one for a personal introduction is a good place to start, or you could try getting to know the sisters at your mosque or joining a local Muslim social group. If you’ve exhausted your options in your own community, consider using an online dating site designed specifically for people of the Islamic faith.


Asking Friends and Family for Help

Taking the Traditional Path to Marriage

  1. Have your friends or family play matchmaker.See if someone you know would mind setting up an introduction with a female relation who is currently unwed. One of the biggest benefits of going through a personal connection is knowing that you both already come with a stamp of approval. You’ll also get a general idea of what she’s like before you ever come face-to-face.
    • Ask the friend or family member to casually put in a good word for you to spark interest on her end, as well.
    • The same person might also be willing to tag along so that the two of you aren’t left alone for your first meeting.
  2. Talk to the women at your mosque.When you see an unfamiliar face, create an opening to introduce yourself and strike up a conversation. The fact that you both attend the same place of worship means there could be more things you have in common, such as mutual acquaintances or where you live or work.
    • The mosque can be a great place to meet a woman of the same faith, but remember that it’s a site of holy observance, not a café. Be mindful of your surroundings and save the serious socializing for another time.
  3. Return home to marry.If you’re not having any luck finding a suitable match where you live, it may be worthwhile to make a special trip back to your home country. Continuing your search in a region where Islam is more prevalent will present you with far more chances to court like-minded women and win the approval of their families. One of these women could eventually become your wife.
    • Let your prospective spouse know if you intend for them to accompany you back to your former residence before you’re officially married. Otherwise, the decision to move could become an issue later on.
  4. Enter into an arranged marriage.Arranged marriages are still common in many predominantly Islamic countries. If you’re open to the idea, an arranged marriage can make it easier to find a sister who's a good match for you without going to the trouble of courting for years on end.
    • Your respective families may think it best to pair you up based on your individual qualities, social strata, or needs.
    • Even in places where arranged marriages are the norm, both the bride and groom typically have to agree in order for the union take place.

Finding Other Ways to Meet Muslim Women

  1. Attend Muslim dating events.If you live in a place with a smaller Muslim population, sit in on a speed-dating or marriage planning event hosted by members of the local Islamic community. Gatherings like these give Muslim singles the opportunity to mingle in a one-on-one setting. If you happen to hit things off with one of the sisters you meet there, you can continue seeing one another on your own time.
    • Keep an eye on your local dating and meetup websites for news about upcoming meetups for Muslims.
    • Because they’re expected to marry within their faith, there tend to be far more women at these events than men. This may improve your odds of meeting someone special if you’re a man.
  2. Try out an online dating service.Websites like LoveHabibi, Muslima, and Helahel were created with the intent of helping Muslims find suitable partners in places where the Islamic dating pool is relatively small. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to view other members’ profiles and, if there’s mutual attraction, send direct messages, which could prove to be just the lead-in you need.

Ensuring a Successful Marriage

  1. Seek approval from the woman’swali.Schedule a time for the 3 of you to sit down and discuss the prospect of marriage. The wali may also wish to speak with you alone in order to determine whether you’re a proper suitor. The marriage can only move forward with their recommendation, so do your best to make a good impression.
    • It’s customary for Muslim grooms to receive the consent of a sister’s wali, or spiritual guardian, before being allowed to wed.
    • The wali must also be in attendance when the bride officially registers the marriage.
  2. Consider converting to Islam.The laws of Islam don’t allow women to marry outside their faith, which could be an obstacle if you come from a different religious background. By taking steps to formally join the Islamic faith, you’ll be making yourself eligible to get involved with a Muslim woman, and perhaps settle down.
    • Taking the necessary steps to become a Muslim is as simple as learning the meaning of theshahaadah, the first of the Five Pillars of Islam, and acknowledging your newfound commitment to the religion.
  3. Be prepared to fulfill your role as a dutiful husband.Marriage is not something to be entered into lightly, no matter what faith you come from. Make it your purpose to love, respect, and provide for your new wife, and to remain by her side no matter what hardships you encounter in your relationship. Together, you can live a happy and fruitful life under the blessings of Allah.

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  • As part of a traditional marriage arrangement, you may be expected to pay amahr, or dowry, to the bride’s family as a way of formalizing the marriage contract.
  • Consult the imams at your mosque for guidance on how to strengthen both your faith and your marriage.

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