Cleansing Naturally : How to Use Thyme as an Anti-Parasite Cleanse

How to Perform a Parasite Cleanse

Three Methods:

Parasites can be very dangerous. Often, parasites can give you diseases; malaria is the most common and kills roughly 660,000 annually.Protozoa, or one-celled organisms, can multiply in the body and cause harm.If you think you might have a parasite, you can cleanse them from your body using herbal remedies. Once you have identified that you have a parasite, there are three major steps to cleanse yourself of parasites. First, you must weaken the parasite in your body, and then you must flush the parasites successfully. Finally, you should strengthen your immune system to avoid reinfestation.


Weakening Internal Parasites

  1. Avoid simple carbohydrates.Parasites often feed on sugar; you need to cut off the parasite’s food supply to weaken it in your body.Try and avoid these carbohydrates for at least a week to be effective.
    • Simple carbohydrates are the sugars naturally or unnaturally in food. Some examples of simple carbs include brown sugar, syrup, raw sugar, corn syrup, fruit juice concentrates.
    • Simple carbs can also be found in non-whole-grain breads.
    • Try and consume more complex carbohydrates; these are carbs with more dietary fiber than sugar. Foods high in complex carbs include barley, brown rice, oatmeal, and seeds.
  2. Eat seeds.Seeds from pumpkins, flax, and papaya are natural and effective ways to weaken and remove intestinal parasites.. Studies have shown that, over a period of a week, eating raw seeds benefits patients.
    • Flax seeds have been categorized as a “super food” in aiding certain digestive ailments.
    • Certain raw seeds, like pumpkin, can even be beneficial in helping remove parasites in pets.Always talk to your vet before trying this.
  3. Consume garlic.Garlic, another superfood, also helps weaken parasites by boosting your body’s immune response.
    • It is recommended to take two garlic tablets three times a day at meals for ten days to see results.

Flushing Parasites From Your Body

  1. Try herbs or other more natural ingredients.Combining natural ingredients will kill the parasite in your body and can be flushed out naturally in your waste. Combine these three natural ingredients together (which can often be purchased in capsule form) to kill adult parasites and their eggs.
    • Black walnut shells (can be purchased in tincture form)
    • Wormwood (200-300 mg capsule)
    • Cloves (500 mg capsule)
  2. Fast with fermented drinks.Experts recommend a 3-21 day low-calorie fast with fermented drinks such as fermented whey, fermented ginger, or coconut kefir, or apple cider vinegar, to help rid the body of parasites.
  3. Eat more fiber.Once the parasite has been killed, it needs to be flushed through your body and through your waste. Eat foods high in fiber to help expedite this process.High fiber foods include:
    • Lettuce
    • Swiss chard
    • Carrots
    • Spinach
    • Legumes
    • Broccoli

Strengthening Your Immune System

  1. Take vitamin C.Vitamin C is the most common immune booster, and can be found in a lot of citrus fruits.It can also be found in other fruits and vegetables.
    • The daily allowance of vitamin C for males 19+ is 90mg, while women 19+ is 75mg.
  2. Take Zinc.Zinc is naturally present in foods, and can benefit our cells on a molecular level. Zinc can jumpstart our metabolisms, as well as boot our natural immune system.
  3. Take probiotics.Probiotics help to balance and regulate the microbiology our intestines and stomach.They can help to strengthen immune system, as well as boost natural immune response.
    • Probiotics can be taken in capsule form, or be found in foods like yogurt.
  4. Recognize symptoms of parasite infestation.Knowing the signs and symptoms of parasites is the first step to preventing future reinfestations. Some symptoms include:
    • Diarrhea
    • Constipation
    • Chronic nausea and vomiting
    • Indigestion
    • Bloating
    • Loss of appetite
    • Multiple food allergies
    • Anemia
    • Face swelling
  5. See your doctor.If these remedies do not work, or you feel you are getting worse, contact your doctor immediately.

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How to Perform a Parasite Cleanse
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