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One thing I absolutely love about autumn is how having a lazy Sunday is socially accepted. In summer and spring, it’s all about going out and socializing. But in autumn and winter, it’s perfectly normal to just stay in and enjoy some quality me-time in your beloved home. And sundays because I’m a total homebody, I thought I’d show you what the perfect lazy Sunday looks like for me.

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Treating yourself should be the motto of your lazy Sunday routine. Doesn’t matter if that means not changing from your pyjamas all day, eating loads of chocolate or ordering pizza. This day is there to help you stay sane in the midst of a chaotic life and you should embrace all parts of it. So buy your favourite comfort foods, get out your most luxurious spa products and put on your comfiest trousers. Simply, treat yo’self.

1. Read a book

I always get asked how I manage to read “so many” books. It’s very simple: I make time for it. Sometimes that means not watching TV in the evening but reading a few pages of a book. Other times it means reading an entire book on a lazy Sunday. So grab your favourite book or pick one from your TBR pile and start reading! There’s nothing more relaxing than escaping reality for a quick detour to a fictional world. 

2. Have a movie/TV marathon

Oh, Netflix, good old saviour of bored people and procrastinators. Netflix is absolutely perfect for a lazy Sunday. Select a series or movie and start watching. I just recently started re-watching Gilmore Girls and you have no idea how fast the time runs by while you’re in Stars Hollow. Crazy! Or just put an old favourite into your DVD player (do people still have these?) and enjoy a trip down memory lane.

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3. Bake something

Usually, I only bake when I procrastinate from studying. But a lazy Sunday is the perfect time for trying out new recipes, cooking and baking, too. All you gotta do is do a little Pinterest research and opt for the recipe that sounds the most appealing to you. Bake some muffins, cake or just make yourself some fancy dinner. As I said, your lazy Sunday is all about treating yourself. So you shouldn’t restrict yourself when it comes to food. It’s all about balance, eh? 

4. Home Spa

My favourite thing about Sundays at home, however, is transforming the bathroom into my very own home spa. I’ll select one of my LUSH bath bombs and throw it into the soothing hot water. While I warm myself in there, I’ll usually apply a face mask. Also, you can treat your hair to a mask and some conditioner,, scrub your skin and put on your most luxurious moisturizer. Is there anything better than taking some time to pamper yourself? I don’t think so!

5. Go for a walk / Exercise

Doctor’s say you gotta do 30 minutes of light exercise per day. And what’s better suited for that, than going on a little Sunday stroll through the city or the woods. Jump through crunchy leaves, get yourself some roasted chestnuts, watch squirrels roam the woods…. And if the weather is just way too shitty to leave the house, treat yourself to 30 minutes of light and relaxing yoga. I promise you’ll feel like a queen after!

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  • The perfect Spotify Playlist
  • Colourful Bath bombs
  • Snacks and Comfort Food
  • Lots of Tea
  • Your laptop for Pinterest
  • A good book 
  • Netflix


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Any other homebodies following MissGetaway? Please holla in the comments below and tell me what you like to do on a lazy Sunday.

Love, Kerstin

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