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Hello! I hope the week started off well for you. I also hope you maid of honor dresses light color 2018 are ready to bask in bridal wear heaven today, because I think it’s time for another dose of beautiful bridesmaids dresses. If you haven’t seen the first version of awesomeness, then check out this.

A drab looking bridal train is soooooo last decade, and with all the inspiration there is out there (and here on this blog), there’s no reason for you not to find nice looking dresses for your friends to rock.

Ready? Okay, lets do this!

Ravishing in Red

I’m loving the alternate arms of these bridesmaids dresses. Especially the ruffled/layered mono-strap ones. Very diva-esque. red-bridesmaids-dresses-wedding-feferity_27

Who said your bridesmaids can’t have trains as well?

Pretty in Pastels

You cannot but love pastels…very soft and feminine.
pink-blue-bridesmaids-nigeria-wedding-feferity_0022  mint-green-purple-bridesmaids-dresses-wedding-feferity_0034
These dresses are part of the Virgos Lounge Collection we featured a while back. Click to see more of them.

Beautiful in Blue

Blue, in my opinion, is the safest colour option for bridesmaids, hence it’s popularity. I would have said the same for pink, but I think some pinks are too light for our dark skin colour, while some are too bright.
royal-blue-bridesmaids-wedding-feferity_0025 grey-blue-bridesmaids--wedding-feferity_0017
blue-yellow-bridesmaids-nigeria-wedding-feferity_0024  blue-bridesmaids-nigeria-wedding-feferity_0

Bright in Orange

orange-pink-bridesmaids-nigeria-wedding-feferity_0028 orange-bridesmaids-nigeria-wedding-feferity_0031 orange-bridesmaids-nigeria-wedding-feferity_0029

Gorgeous in Green



pink-bridesmaids-nigeria-wedding-feferity_0016 pink-bridesmaids-nigeria-wedding-feferity_1 peridot-ruby-bridesmaids-dresses-wedding-feferity_0037 blush-pink-bridesmaids-wedding-feferity_0036 gold-blush-pink-bridesmaids-dresses-wedding-feferity blush-pink-bridesmaids-dresses-wedding-feferity_0018

Going Grey

grey-bridesmaids-wedding-feferity_0030 grey-bridesmaids-wedding-feferity_0023 different-colour-bridesmaids-nigeria-wedding-feferity_2

Short and Sweet

Most bridal trains have bridesmaids in longer dresses these days, but I do occasionally see shorter styles. Shorter dresses run the risk of looking too casual for the event.
red-bridesmaids-dresses-wedding-feferity_13 pink-bridesmaids-nigeria-wedding-feferity_0019

Contrast Craziness

Okay, these next couple of dresses painted my day beautiful when I saw them. First of all, Purple and Green. Really? Yes, and it is so beautiful. Like bread and butter. I absolutely love it.
green-purple-bridesmaids-dresses-wedding-feferity_0011 purple-green-bridesmaids-wedding-feferity_0012 purple-green-bridesmaids-dresses-wedding-feferity_0010


So there is nothing new about blue and red, but I love how these two sets of brides used it. Instead of putting half of their bridesmaids in blue and the other half in red, they opted for just a touch of red with the chief-bridesmaid above and the bouquets below. Very elegant.

blue-bridesmaids-dresses-nigeria-wedding-feferity_5 blue-bridesmaids-nigeria-wedding-feferity_6
Okay, so thats all for today. If you still haven’t seen the first edition of bridesmaids inspiration which we featured earlier on, you can check it out here ->   and also here For other posts on bridesmaids dresses please see the articles –  

Also, don’t forget to check out the wedding store which we launched yesterday here ->  . The reviews and responses have been so positive. Thanks everyone!

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