Short haircuts for round chubby faces 2018

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Shaved sections are everywhere this season – from daring short-back-and-sides shaved haircuts to pretty, wavy pixie hairstyles!  It’s a great way to add extra texture and trendy ‘edge’ to your overall fashion style. And if you struggle to style your hair, short shaved haircuts are the definitely the most easy-care fashion hairstyles of all!  Take a look at these new short haircut ideas and see some gorgeous new beige-blonde and brown hair color designs, too!

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Super-trendy shaved haircuts for short hair

Shaved Pixie Haircuts - Stylish Short Haircut for Women

There’s something very liberating about and when you add shaved sections, the feeling of freedom is stronger than ever!  This model is delighted with short haircuts for round chubby faces 2018 her radical new look, which also emphasizes her femininity by uncovering the nape and neck.  The back is shaved up high leaving a fairly short basin-cut section radiating out from the crown.  There’s cute curved shape along the side joining the back to the long bangs with a neat, side-point framing the face.  In pale blonde with darker roots, this eye-catching look is gaining in popularity every day!

Soft & wavy shaved haircuts for short hair – round faces

Shaved Pixie Haircuts - Stylish Short Haircut for Women

This lovely haircut has a shaved detail on the shorter side, wavy height on top and a lovely side-swept long fringe.  Unfortunately, the model has a long/thin face, which does not look good in this style, I’m sorry to say. (Long faces need volume on the sides.)  However, it’s perfect for making round faces and chubby cheeks seem slimmer!  The beige-blonde color is spot-on for today’s fashionable women and makes a super, new choice for adding style to dark-blonde/mousey-brown hair.  And this shade really highlights the model’s fabulous, green eyes. Tousled waves and flipped-out details make a narrow forehead appear wider.

Sliced blonde layers on shaved haircuts for short hair

Shaved Pixie Haircuts - Stylish Short Haircut for Women

Here’s a great hair design that adds fashion-flair and clever patterning to fine/medium hair.  It’s a boy-cut based on the Eton-crop, updated with dual-blonde highlighting for fantastic color depth.  The layers are ‘sliced’, which is usually only used on, but haircuts this haircut uses the technique to create an amazing, 3-dimensional striped texture!  This is another trendy way to wear a shaved, short-back-and-sides hairstyle.  Long layers on top can also be worn in a fashionable high ponytail.

Edgy head-braid shaved haircuts for short hair

Shaved Pixie Haircuts - Stylish Short Haircut for Women

Strongly contrasted colours, like this black and beige-blonde shaved, create eye-catching texture and movement in shaved haircuts.  Seen in profile, you get to see how carefully the layers have been graduated to create a trendy, ‘fade’.  This matches with a fashion style that blends edgy elements, like a ‘rusty nail’ piercing, with touches of chic femininity!

Jaunty jet-black asymmetric short haircut with shaved undercut

Shaved Pixie Haircuts - Stylish Short Haircut for Women

This trendy cut and color shows how you can reduce the length of a long face with a side-swept fringe.  One ‘corner’ of the model’s face is covered by bangs, so you don’t get an impression of too much face length with a little hair on top!  And separating the fringe like this image shows, adds another bold line that helps balance a long face.  This short style blends sharp textured tips with random half pin-curls for curved texture on top.  Be careful not to add height on the top, if your face is long or thin.

Flattering beige-blonde asymmetrical cut with undercut shaved side

Shaved Pixie Haircuts - Stylish Short Haircut for Women

We absolutely love the new beige-blonde shades, which are very flattering to a range of skin-tones.  Beige-blonde softens the lines of this strong, geometric cut, which at chin-length is a great choice for long, heart, oval, diamond and round faces.  There are 3 shades in this lovely hair-color design, including clever placing of light-brown lowlights and lighter blonde tips.  This adds texture and 3-D depth to fine hair that would otherwise look quite flat and thin.  Beige shades suit skin with warm undertones.

Cute flat-top boy-cut in ash-beige blonde

Shaved Pixie Haircuts - Stylish Short Haircut for Women

Whether you’re sporty or super-trendy, this short-back-and-sides has lots to offer.  The gorgeous beige-blonde shade is highly fashionable right now and as you can see, it’s a very soft and flattering color.  And that softens the lines of a boy-cut making it a kittenish and very feminine look!  In addition to looking cute, you’ll also love being able to wash and style your hair in one-minute flat!  With side-swept texture decorating the top you’ll look and feel young and pretty!

Chic short bob haircut in ash, beige & coffee

Shaved Pixie Haircuts - Stylish Short Haircut for Women

These 4 shots show a very satisfied client who loves her gorgeous new look!  And you can see how much the right cut and color can boost your self-confidence.  The asymmetric short bob is perfect for super-chic, ash-blonde and golden beige dual-blonde highlights.  The hair is straight, but curved shape has been created by expert layering and the blow-dry.  Deep brown roots and a side section add interesting color depth in this simple, but exquisite new look!

Wild white-blonde short cut with shaved short-back-and-sides

Shaved Pixie Haircuts - Stylish Short Haircut for Women

This fabulous, white-blonde is edgy all the way!  Ask for a shaved back and sides, with longer hair on top to get this trendy side-swept style.  You need thick hair for this look, as shaving removes a lot of natural hair-volume. The top layers are long to retain density and have choppy, textured tips for a fashionably ‘ragged’ line.  This short haircut can be worn with a head-braid, curls, waves or a high ponytail, so it’s a very versatile option!

Haircuts for head tattoos

Shaved Pixie Haircuts - Stylish Short Haircut for Women

The latest trend in tattoos is putting a design on the side or back of your head, which can only be seen when your head is shaved!  And this model shows just how effective this edgy fashion looks when teamed with a fabulous short pixie cut.  The trendy ash-blonde color above darker roots suits pale skin with a cool undertone.  And you can see how it emphasizes the color of blue eyes in this set of pics. The back view shows three graded layers cut in basin-cut, curved lines above a shaved nape.

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