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Full Name



Buhguul (sometimes spelled Bughuul)

Mr. Boogie
Eater of Children
Devourer of Children
Bahguul (sometimes spelled Baghuul)




Babylonian god of darkness

Collector of souls
Child abductor
Mass murderer


Vast dark powers

Exerting influence over children
Ability to travel between worlds
Selective invisibility


Traversing between the worlds.

Consuming the souls of children.
Feasting on the corruption of innocence (of children).


To endlessly consume the souls of human children (ongoing).


Mass murder


Type of Villain

Eternal Bogeyman

It's a symbol associated with the worship of a pagan deity. A very obscure one dating back to Babylonian times named Bughuul, the Eater of Children. The crimes that you're dealing with, they all have the element of a missing child, correct? Well, Bughuul eats children. Now, the fragments of stories that have survived, they all revolve around him needing the souls of human children to survive. Now each story involves a different way that he lures or tricks these children away from the physical world and traps them in his own netherworld and he consumes their souls over time. Now any worship of this deity would include a blood sacrifice or the wholesale eating of a child. „ Professor Jonas describing Bagul.

Bagul also known as Buhguul and Mr. Boogie, is the main antagonist of the 2012 horror film Sinister, and its 2015 sequel Sinister 2. He is an ancient, pagan Babylonian deity who consumes the souls of human children. He possesses a realm of his own and can travel into the mortal world via images of himself.

He was portrayed by Nicholas King.




Bughuul appears to share many similarities with, a pagan deity venerated by Canaanites and Ammonites. Moloch, like Bughuul, is a Middle-Eastern pagen deity that requires children sacrificed by burning and has demonic traits. Also, on the Sinister Facebook page, Bughuul is described as the "brother of Moloch" and shares a backstory: Bughuul mimicked Moloch's worship and child sacrifice rituals before Moloch furiously shut Bughuul's mouth with ash for all eternity.

On the same page, which shows the symbol of Bughuul, there are references towards Baal and Tlaloc, two pagan deities. Baal was venerated by the Semetic-Levantine people and is viewed as a demon in Judaism and Christianity. Tlaloc was considered to be a benevolent fertility god in Aztec mythology but required the sacrifice of children and their hearts in return for rain and crops.


Baghuul is a tall, nightmarish, humanoid creature with pale skin and long black hair. His most distinctive features are his lack of eyes and lack of a mouth. It is explained that his mouth was forcibly by his brother Moloch, in retaliation for Baghuul mimicking his sacrificial rituals.


Due to his lack of a mouth, Bagul's voice is never heard, thus preventing greater insight into his personality. However, his centuries of family murders and child abductions all point to him being a sadistic, bloodthirsty deity who would force children to kill their families in particularly gruesome fashions.

Bagul also had a strained relationship with his brother Moloch. Due to Bagul copying Moloch's practice of child sacrifice and Moloch shutting Bagul's mouth forever, it can be assumed the two hate each other.

Known Crimes

Bagul tapes

Bagul's tapes.

In modern times, Baguul began manipulating children into using Super 8 footage to record themselves murdering their families, so he could use each of these films as his portal into the real world. Each family that was murdered had previously lived in the former family's house. Once they moved, Bagul would manipulate their children in to killing them. Each recording of the families' murders were given titles:


  • Pool Party '66: Baghul had a young boy tie his family onto pool chairs and each of them into the pool until they’d drown to death in 1966.
  • BB Q '76: Had the boy chain his family inside bagul a car and set the car on fire, burning them to death.
  • Lawn Work '86: Has the daughter run a lawn mover over her family as their tied to the ground, killing them.
  • Sleepy Time '98: Has Christopher Miller strap his family to their beds and then kill them by slitting their throats.
  • Family Hanging Out '11: Has the 10 year old daughter Stephanie tie her family to a tree branch by nooses, and then cuts the branch supporting them, which causes it to pull them upward, killing them.
  • House Painting '12: After true crime novelist, Ellison Oswalt, had moved into Stephanie's house with his family to investigate the murders, he moves into back into his old house after the Bagul had been haunting him. His youngest daughter, Ashley, is manipulated by Bagul into drugging Ellison, and the rest of her family (her mother and her brother Trevor) so she can axe them to death and then paint the walls with their blood.

Sinister 2:

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  • In the alternate ending of Sinister 2, after Doctor Stromberg, the missing Professor Jonas' replacement, was smashing a ham radio in his backyard he brought home from his office, knowing it will signal the coming wrath of Bagul upon him or anyone else next. After that he drinks his coffee and later suddenly finds glowing green liquid inside his coffee cup (same thing happened to the late Ellison Oswalt), and loses consciousness. A small blonde girl in a pink dress, revealed to be Dr. Stromberg's daughter, came into his room with a blunt hammer as a murder weapon in her hand. She turns a ham radio that suddenly appeared in the room, and repeats the coordinates "4-0-7, 9-6-2, 7-7-8-6-2" twice, before she killed her father as a sacrifice to Bagul.

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