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Tacky Tan LinesAs the first few weeks of summer have past, many of us are enjoying the weather and soaking up all those Vitamin D filled UV rays. While a golden glow is the goal of many sunbathers, stark bathing suit tan lines are typically not the look they are going for. For any bride planning a summer wedding, this can be one of your many concerns for both you and your bridesmaids. After shopping for the perfect dresses, one bad sunburn can create obvious marks that take away from a Wedding Day look. Tan lines can ruin the look of a dress and distort the fashion statement it emits. As well, professional pictures taken on your wedding day will be a constant reminder of your summertime sadness, and the lasting impression the sun had on your skin. SociaLife has compiled our favorite tips for battling those UV rays, and helping create the most even summer time tanning.

Preparation Is Key: A halter or strapless gown will show the lines of your bikini top, especially if you sunbathe a lot or hit the pool every chance you get in the summer time. Whenever you know you will be spending time in the sun, wear a tube top or bandeau style bathing suit top to prevent shoulder strap tan lines. As well, will naturally help your tan fade faster. While this alone will not get rid of tan lines completely, it is a great start to evening out a skin tone.

Gradual Tanning Products: If you have a week or so before the wedding and still have visible tan lines, you can try to cover them up with tanning products. While you can buy tanners that will instantly tacky wedding dress 2018 cover any lines you have on your body, the gradual tanners tend to work better and look more natural. They work over several days, so you can slowly build the perfect shade you’re looking for. Remember to apply more heavily to the pale areas you are trying to blend!

Spray Tanning: Spray tans are a great way to instantly get a golden glow, and more importantly, even out any imperfections. Whether it be by a booth, or professional custom spray tanner, this option is a healthy alternative to UV ray tanning. As well, spray tanning is a great way to help your bridesmaids even out their skin tone without pressuring them to change their appearance. As a bride it may be challenging to dictate how your maids look on your Big Day without offending them. If you’re concerned about their recent sunburn or tan lines, casually suggest a spray tan that will make them feel glam on your Wedding Day- you can even offer to pay for this as part of a bridesmaid gift!

Conceal: The big day arrived and you’re still seeing red? Ask your makeup artist if they can help blend any obvious areas. Aerosol spray foundations like and are both easy to apply, and create lasting coverage. Just spray onto your skin, then use a large makeup brush to buff away any imperfections for a flawless glow. Set the foundation with a translucent powder, and your faux coverage will last well into the wee hours of the night- just be mindful not to get any on your dress during application!

While these tips and tricks can save you and your bridesmaids from looking like a zebra, don’t forget that the best advice is to apply sunscreen daily and stay out the sun. It is the easiest way to get an unblemished complexion, and protects your skin from any future sun damage!

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