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There’s no denying that with age and lots of sun exposure, signs of aging can creep up on trevor us. It’s something I’m taking very seriously after entering my 30s, and I think it’s a topic that needs to be discussed much earlier in one’s life. If I had ever really thought about the future of my skin when I went into a tanning bed religiously, I might have thought differently. So let’s kick things off, with methods to reverse signs of aging, ways to prevent skin damage, and treatment options to consider.

Comparing and Contrasting Methods to Reverse Signs of Aging

There are a lot of ways to reverse wrinkles and other signs of aging these days. The problem is they are not all effective for everyone. The type and severity of your skin ailments will have a direct impact on the treatments for which you are eligible. Your budget, schedule and skin type are just a few of the other factors that can rule some skincare options in or out immediately. Here are some things to consider when selecting a skincare treatment or combination of treatments to turn back the clock on outward signs of aging.

You Can Prevent Skin Damage, But Only for a While

Skin damage is not totally preventable. We are all susceptible to the aging process. However, it can be prevented for a while by simply caring for your skin. Staying out of the sun or wearing sunscreen is essential. You also need to develop a daily skincare routine and be willing to alter that routine with the passage of time. The medicated lotions and creams that work when you are younger may not have the same level of effectiveness as you age. You may need a different prescription lotion, instead. Also, when lotions stop being effective entirely, you need to seek other treatments.

Anti-Aging Lasers Should be Near the Top of Your Consideration List

Laser machines have been used in skincare circles for decades. There are designated laser devices for different aspects of skin care. When it comes to anti-aging, there are multiple options. For example, if you have wrinkles on the surface of your skin, a primary cause may be a build up of dead skin cells or debris clogging your pores. Ablative laser treatment in the form of a laser peel procedure can treat those issues quickly and efficiently.

Other skin conditions can develop insidiously below the surface, especially as hormone production reduces with age. Those reductions also cause natural depletion of substances that support cellular health, like collagen. Non-ablative lasers are special laser devices designed to combat that problem. The combination of heat and light they produce can penetrate multiple layers of your skin. In doing so, they cause disruptions that trigger your body to make more collagen and other healing substances. The results can take a while to become obvious, but are often worth the wait.

Paralyzing and Filling in Wrinkles Are Options Also

Laser treatment may not appeal to you. Your clinician may also advise against it if you have certain skin conditions. However, you can still benefit from other clinical treatments. For example, if you have wrinkles, you may have some success reducing their appearance by temporarily paralyzing the muscles around them. That is done using injections of Botox.

You can also use filler injections to fill in wrinkles. Wrinkles are simply sunken areas of skin. They can be filled in somewhat like filling plastic bags with liquid. There are many fillers used in skincare clinics. Most of them contain substances designed to heal the skin as they are absorbed into your body. That process will slowly cause the “bag” to deflate, so your wrinkles may return. Therefore, you should expect filler injections to be ongoing treatments for as long as you want to keep wrinkles at bay. However, the content of the fillers will have a direct impact on how long the results last, so you should discuss filler options with your clinician before choosing one.

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XO, Alex

Fall things make me happy, so doing fall things makes perfect sense. Fall to me is the BEST time of year. The smell in the air, the changing of leaves, hot coffee, pumpkins, football, horse racing, etc. I truly love all of fall. This past weekend we hit up the pumpkin stand in 12 South, and found our mums, had a little fun, and sat on / broke a few pumpkin stems. Whoops! What we do for photos these days. If you didn’t notice already I’m styling my FAVORITE Marley Lilly Vest again, because it’s the perfect piece for doing fall things. I wasn’t lying when I said this wasn’t the last you’d see of my go-to vest. And, there are still a million other fall things left to do, wearing the Marley Lilly vest!

XO, Alex

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We’re getting back to the basics today with this simple, neutral, fall-ready look. You all know if I could have an all-black wardrobe I would, so these pieces fit right into my closet naturally. These basics are super versatile, and if you don’t believe me, wait until you see how many ways I style this denim skirt. I firmly believe shopping is all about super smart choices. I know immediately if I’ve made a bad choice, but basics like these are always a smart, easy choice. Your intuition won’t steer you wrong, because basics are a necessity for every season of life and style.

XO, Alex

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Adding my name to the roster of basic fall girls with this basic fall look today. It may be basic, but I sure do love it, and it’s beyond comfortable. For those two reasons, I’m happy being basic. This skirt for starters is super versatile, and can be worn all through the colder days ahead. My blouse is on sale for UNDER and well, you can’t beat that. My hat comes in a few other colors and it’s the most basic of all, but it’s my absolute favorite. And my booties, they are the least basic, but they’re sold out, so I’ve linked a similar pair for y’all above. Just keeping it real today, and not afraid to acknowledge my level of fall basicness.

XO, Alex

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