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Corné Brecher is the woman behind Beautiful Change. Doing this work is a dream come true for her. She does professional makeup wedges for brides, matric farewell, special functions and events. She also does makeup workshops and pampering parties in skin care.

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The interesting and noteworthy option suggested by Jill Stuart and Tanya Taylor is also worth talking about, coming with an innovative and creative solution, the essence of which is creating maximum messy and smeared effect of the eye shadow applied to both upper and lower lids. This trend, however, is not recommended for the corporate workplace and should only stay on catwalks and runways.  People will not take you seriously if it looks like you did your eyeliner in the mirror of your car on your way to work!

When we talk about arrows, we can’t but come to the cat eyes. So here we are introducing this uber feminine and mysterious makeup option as a basic trend for the coming season. For some really memorable interpretations, you may turn to the options suggested by Cristiano Siriano, Karen Walker, Roccobarocco, Simonetta Ravizza, and Jean Paul Gaultier.  Cat eyes can also be done with different colours like this year’s blue colour, metallics and even green and orange eyeliner!

Arrows were the say of a big number of stylists, who came up with the most diverse and multi-shaped options possible. Turning this classic makeup design into a super modernized and cool alternative, they managed to achieve a charming diversity to pick the best. Try some of the new eyeliner styles in brown or black colours and in pencil, gel or liquid form.

This one is hot on the catwalks and Donna Karan’s collection reflects this type of makeup trend.  For every day makeup this will be way too much but for catwalks and runways it creates a huge impact.  Definitely a makeup trend not for going to the mall…

Military inspired and strict silhouettes were the say of Derek Lam’s catwalk impression.  This works well when you use khaki colours in a smokey eyeshadow style.  Will go with any graphical silhouettes and surely for that party or night out.

This is the following everlasting option we always observe during the shows. It is described as an intensification of the eye makeup, creating an impressive and catchy outline all around the eyes and on the lids, and the overall close-to natural finishes for the rest of the face, including the lips and the cheeks. Donna Karan, Bibhu Mohapatra and Nicole Miller introduced some very great exemplars of how to make this work.  Great colours in copper and gold for blue and green eyes.  Not recommended to use the colour right through to the eyebrows for every day makeup though, always keep a brush width of highlighter under the brow area.

Naturalness, as always, is sure to be the leading make-up tendency. Make-up artists of the most famous Fashion houses have disputed about it for a couple of seasons in a row. They affirm that “Natural beauty is the brightest”, advising to get rid of colorful make-ups. However, even a nude style make-up requires using decorative cosmetics.  Also what has been the most characteristic aspect of natural makeup has been preserved this time as well, putting the rosy lips and the peachy cheeks as the main accents of the natural effect. Paler looks are very fashionable.

This was a real shocker to me!  According to all my make-up workshops and classes I always tell people you can not go without mascara.  Here is an insert that I found on the internet about this trend.  This is one trend that will go by for me – don’t think I will ever do the no-mascara thing…

So another day and another host of mascara-less looks at Margaret Howell, Matthew Williamson, Todd Lynn and Louise Goldin. A little worried that this barely there eye look is set to go stellar I caught up with Terry Barber MAC Director of Make-up Artistry backstage at Todd Lynn and asked him why the no mascara trend?

‘This show is all about gender blending, that’s the new gender bending; the boys and girls have the same look,’ said Terry. ‘No mascara is less try hard, it goes against glamour.’

The best way to work the no mascara look is with a flash of colour. ‘A strong lip can be made to look more edgy without mascara’ added Terry.

Last season was all about bleached brows but this season it’s no mascara. ‘It’s modern to erase a feature and push others forward. We’ve been doing it for years at the Paris shows, at Alexander McQueen the models always had an almost alien quality’ Terry told me.

But how can we translate the look from runway to reality?

‘Use a brown mascara that won’t give volume. MAC’s fibre rich lash mascara, £12.50, will give you a feathery effect. Brown is back, it’s chic and very 90s. Conservative make-up is being reinvented as cool’ said Terry.

So there you have it. I think I’ve been converted, have you?”

A fresh face can only be obtained by using the correct skin care products for your type of skin.  A dewy complexion is very hard to pull off if you are not in your teens or early twenties and therefore the other trends like the red lips and lashes will be a good choice to bring in.  Another trend is to have the focus on one part of the face and to keep the others neutral.  For example the lips can be done in a rosy colour and the rest of the skin left natural.

I love makeup too much to put minimal on but this trend is wonderful for ladies who aren’t fond of putting on too much make-up.

This trend looks stunning but I would only wear it to a special occasion or evening function.  It will look terribly overdone in daytime.

I must say the festive season is fast approaching with its Christmas and End Year functions.  Try something new for the season of fun, sun and socialising. Spice up your look with some glitter or lots of glitter on the eyes.

False lashes or semi-permanent eyelashes are ever popular and a trend for this season.  I have tried the false lashes you buy at the shops and maybe I am just clumsy but it looked like I have glued butterflies to my eyelids! I would recommend doing semi-permanent lashes if you want longer lashes, for your wedding day or just to upgrade your image.  They are natural looking and it gets glued individually to each of your real lashes.  Upkeep is necessary to keep it looking natural and pretty but it does make a difference.

Annelize, the nail technician, at our Spa offers this treatment and it normally takes about 2 hours for the first set.

Come ladies, be in trend this summer, get your falsies – remember you talk with you eyes…

Most women don’t wear any blusher because firstly they don’t know how to wear it and secondly they don’t know what colour, so they leave it altogether!  I tell you know, blusher is one of the most important steps in your make-up routine because it brings back the colour to your skin which has been taken out by foundation.  This seaon a more orange or sunkissed skin is in fashion.  If you do not like it always go for a more pinkish colour.  Cool undertone women should stay away from orange blusher.  And if you don’t know how to apply blusher, book a personal make-up lesson with me and I will gladly teach you.

Ah always a favourite!  Smoky eyes can be achieved with absolutely any colour.  Brown, black, green, purple, pink, it all depends on the technique.  With the make-up workshops that I host I find that women still long for that perfect smoky eye look.  Blending is the key!  Blend, blend, blend.

The new smoky eye  colour for 2012 is the metallic silver or grey colour.  If you have a warm undertone go for the yellow greys, and a cool undertone must make use of the silver more metallic grey.


Away with the thinly shaped brow line, now the broader and thicker the brows the better!  Grooming is still needed to get rid of all the stray hairs or the white fluff underneath the brows and between the eyes, but overly waxed eyebrows are a thing of the past.  With every season I notice fashion returning to a more natural fresh take on things and it is a quite welcoming change.

Will you be able to grow your brows out and keep it nice and thick?  Or will you still wear your thin shaped brow?

The winged liquid eye liner on the sides of the eyes are still very popular.  When using liquid eyeliner be sure to have a steady hand and a lot of patience!  Lines should be perfectly drawn and no lumps and bumps should show.  This will offer a sleek but dramatic look for the eyes and the winged eye liner suits every kind of eye shape.

Be careful if you have droopy eyes or slanted down eyes, the eyeliner should not form curls on the sides, rather make the eye liner thicker and bolder.  Thin whisks upwards make slanted eyes look unneat.

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